National Eczema Week 2017: Natural skincare for people prone to eczema

National Eczema Week 2017 Natural Skincare for those prone to eczema
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Eczema is part of who I am. I'm very fortunate that the atopic eczema I experience as an adult is very mild in comparison to my childhood but it doesn't make it any less irritating. There are different types of dermatitis so it has to be treated individually but letting people know what you use can perhaps help narrow down choices. I'm mindful of recommending products because what works for one person might not be the answer for someone else.

As it's National Eczema Week (16-24 September 2017) I thought I would bring together some brands who have recently approached me. These products have been formulated by people who have first hand knowledge of eczema and whilst they can't label them as eczema products (because that's a medical claim) the ingredients have been chosen based on suitability for sensitive skin. This in theory should help reduce the likelihood of irritation but of course with every product I must stress that you patch test first.

Honest Elements Truly Gentle cleansing balm certainly lives up to its name. The formulation is fragrance free and contains natural ingredients but Honest Elements make sure to avoid natural allergens and irritants. The cleansing balm is lovely to use and transforms from gel to milk with a splash of water. This product is British made, suitable for vegans and cruelty free.

Mrs Frisbee offer a fragrance-free service which could be ideal if you have sensitive skin prone to reactions. I often find avoiding essential oils can be beneficial at times of flare up.

Poppy's Natural Skincare Soothing Neem & Chamomile Balm has been formulated with eczema in mind. The key ingredients of Neem and Chamomile are known for soothing properties and helping to treat dry and sensitive skin. Poppy kindly formulated my balm without linalool something which they can do for customers. I've also been using the Unfragrance Super Moisturising Body Butter which is a simple blend of shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter. It's super rich with a lovely light whipped texture and ideal for very dry skin.

XO Balm was created by founder Charlotte, a long-term sufferer of contact dermatitis. XOBalm is a natural, multi-purpose balm containing emollient ingredients ideal for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin. Free from preservatives, sulphates and fragrance. Packaging is a mirror compact tin with applicator perfect for daily use. As the formulation contains beeswax I find the balm very firm so you need to scoop and warm it up before applying.

Visit to find local events in your area for National Eczema Week. A past post that might be of interest - 7 Tips for managing Eczema - speaking from personal experience

Sarah x


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