Favourites - a year of reviews for Love Lula

I've been part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program for a year and thought I might look at my favourite products that I've found through the site. I chose to work with Love Lula because I shopped with them long before I started blogging and outside of the program I continue to buy products.

Facial Skincare
Despite concerns over labelling, Acure Organics has made an impression and so far the stand out products have been the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and Day Cream. I also enjoyed using Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream which was a good all rounder without the worry of essential oils. If you prefer a cleansing oil then Rossi Uvema Rice Bran & Borage Seed Face Cleansing Oil left a lasting impression in particular the marzipan scent.

Last September I discovered Ermana Soothe Mama Body Oil, a gorgeous blend of ingredients without essential oils making it ideal not just for pregnancy but also sensitive skins. In April I tried John Masters Organics Bare Unscented Body Wash and bought another when it ran out as it works very well for me. I hardly made a dent in the Madara Protecting Hand Cream during the summer but I still love it and it's getting more use now the weather is turning colder. Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub was an instant hit and works well even on my sensitive skin. I still have the same tub to finish up as I took a break from body scrubbing due to surgery (I had to wait for wounds to heal). There was one random product that took me by surprised, the Preserve Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly Toothbrush. Never in a million years did I think I would get excited by a toothbrush but it has been a game changer for comfortable brushing. I picked up the GK Natural Creations Grapefruit and Rosemary Shaving Soap for my husband but took it back once I realised how good it was for shaving my legs. I'm still working my way through the tin so it certainly is very good value for money.

Ere Perez quickly became a favourite makeup brand and I've enjoyed trying a number of their products. I reviewed their Bondi Blush, Lipbar in Nude, Rich Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea and more recently the powder foundation. I'm currently trying the New Carrot Colour Pot in Harmony - I tell you I really love this brand!

I used up several tubes of Madara Colour and Shine Conditioner after falling for it in February. It's definitely a firm favourite which has now replaced my Dessert Essence. I'm still using up the John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist and will look to replace if I ever reach the bottom of the bottle. I think it works very well for my hair without weighing it down.

Sarah x


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