Review Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil

Review Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil
(Gifted PR samples)

I'd picked three products from Love Lula in October but issues with labelling left me with only one I could safely use. I knew Trilogy would be a winner because it's a brand I trust. Their Very Gentle cream is one of my top favourite moisturisers.

During the winter months I supplement my body lotions with oils. I need all the help I can get to battle my dry skin so the Pure Plant Body Oil immediately went into my basket. The ingredients are ideal for my skin type, a simple blend of sweet almond oil, apricot kernal oil and rosehip and no concerns about essential oil allergens. This body oil sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I can get dressed fairly quickly after applying which is always a bonus. I really do feel like it's beautiful oil which would be suitable for most skin types. The packaging is nice as the pump makes for easy application, I can apply directly on my skin so I avoid any mess. I have a tendency to drip oils over the floor or my bedding, especially if you have to pour into hands. 

I'm aware this is a short review but I'm not sure what else to say other than I really like Trilogy Pure Plant Body oil and I would happily replace when it runs out. I've even purchased a gift set containing this product because I know someone who is sure to also enjoy it.

I did recently share on social media that Trilogy are looking to sell to a Chinese company which obviously throws a spanner in the works where cruelty free is concerned. Since not everyone has similar views I decided to continue to share because I genuinely enjoy the product and the sale isn't final just yet (as far as I know). I work hard on my blog and didn't want to scrap my article which I've had in draft prior to the news of an impending sale. 

Have you tried the Pure Plant body oil or any other products from Trilogy? If you missed my September reviews for Love Lula then following this link - Lyonsleaf, Ere Perez and Acure

Sarah x