Looking for Eco Friendly Laundry Products suitable for allergies and vegans

Looking for Eco Friendly Laundry Products suitable for allergies and vegans
Ethical, cruelty and allergen free laundry products are the biggest headache in my daily life. I feel like the worst person ever for the products I currently use and I've beaten myself up about it but I'm stuck in this really difficult place. I desire a more natural formulation, I don't want it to be tested on animals, I'd like it to be Vegan, I want fragrance but need to avoid linalool, there is the dreaded MI (methylisothiazolinone) to avoid and accessibility is important.

I think the most eco-friendly laundry product available is soap nuts. I experimented with these some years ago but it just didn't suit me for the long term. I wasn't happy with the way my clothes were feeling and smelling over the long term so I ditched that plan.

When looking for ethical products available in supermarkets, most people think of Method and Ecover but both brands were acquired by S.C. Johnson & Son in 2017, a company not associated with ethical or cruelty free values. Seventh Generation has hit the shelves at Tesco, its a popular US brand but despite the claims of suitability for sensitive skin, I was shocked to see it contains methylisothiazolinone (MI). This can also be said for Tesco's own brand Eco Active. Astonish and own brands from Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Co-Op and Marks & Spencer carry the Leaping Bunny logo which gives reassurance for cruelty free but you're not getting a "natural" formulation and on my last inspection I was struggling over MI and linalool (I do need to re-visit this to check labels as things can change).

I know of Greenscents, Bio-D and Mangle & Wringer which are greener brands so tick all my boxes. I do use various cleaning supplies from their ranges and have repurchased from time to time.  Since I can only buy online (no local stockists) this leaves me agonising over courier charges and delivery slots which I find expensive and stressful. It also requires me to be organised and when you're down to the last drop it's much easier to pop to the supermarket. 

There are several brands on my list which I need to do further research on including Faith In Nature, Ecozone and The Gentle Label. I'd be interested in getting feedback from readers who have tried any of their products.

I guess I'm writing this as a personal rant because sometimes I think living your best "green" lifestyle can get a little stressful. I wanted to demonstrate that I don't have the answer to everything, I do struggle with decisions. I've spent months going round in circles but I determined to find a solution. Anyone else in the same position?

Sarah x


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