Veganuary - Natural Skincare suitable for Vegans

Veganuary - Natural Skincare suitable for Vegans
Since everyone's thoughts are on Veganuary, I thought it might be helpful to highlight natural skincare which is suitable for Vegans. A Vegan product eliminates all animal derived ingredients such as carmine, lanolin, honey, beeswax, keratin, silk, bee venom etc. When shopping for skincare it is worth keeping in mind that a Cruelty Free label does not always make it a Vegan friendly one. Always read labels and research brands online to ensure successful shopping. If you would like more information on certifications such as bunny logos then hop across to this article - how to read skincare labels.

Just to give you a heads up the following list includes 100% Vegan brands and those that have Vegan suitable options within their ranges. You can purchase directly or through stockists such as Love Lula, Big Green Smile, Naturisimo and Content Beauty.

Akin - It has been a while since I gave them a mention but they were one of the first Green Beauty brands I discovered. Akin is a Vegan brand but their rosehip oil is award winning with a loyal fan base.

BYBI Beauty - I'm hearing a lot of great things about this Vegan brand. The product range currently includes multipurpose balm, serum, toner and facial polish.

Evolve Organic Beauty - I know I give them a million mentions but I love Evolve products and they are ALL vegan. My personal favourites would be the Daily Renew Facial Cream, Miracle Facial Oil and Daily Defence Moisture Mist

Inika - If you are looking for Vegan makeup then Inika is worth considering and if you want a personal recommendation, I like their lip tints.

Living Naturally - A Vegan brand with a wide product line ranging from soapnuts for laundry to skincare.

Madara - Majority of their products are suitable for Vegans, there are a few that include lanolin, honey and beeswax (more info on their FAQ page). My favourites (which are vegan) include the Protecting Hand Cream, Moonflower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid and Colour & Shine Conditioner.

Magical Tree - A small brand which makes mainly body butters and scrubs, with the exception of the lip balm all other products are suitable for Vegans.

Mallow + White - As far as I'm aware it's only the Blossom Balm and Lip Balm which contain beeswax but the rest of their products are vegan friendly. I'm a big fan of the Soothe Cleansing Oil.

Myroo - A vegan brand which also happens to be one of my favourites for being allergy friendly (14 food allergen free & fragrance free also available). I recommend their cleanser and lip balm. UPDATE 2022 - MYROO ARE NO LONGER TRADING

Odylique - Another one of my all time favourite brands who have vegan friendly products, you all know I love my Gentle Herb Shampoo, Creamy Coconut Cleanser and Superfruit Concentrate.

Organii - A vegan brand offering affordable products suitable for the whole family. I recently reviewed their Intensive Face & Body Oil products which may be suitable for those prone to eczema.

Pink & Green - I first introduced P&G to readers back in 2015 and recommend their Unfragrance One Balm, they are a Vegan brand.

Rawgaia I'm not able to give a personal recommendation as they still remain on my "Must Try" list, I simply haven't got around to it yet. What I can tell you is Rawgaia is a Vegan brand and I've seen positive reviews about them.

Soapy Skin - I know Soapy Skin through the Free From Skincare Awards, they produce handmade natural soap and oils for dry skin. Some of their products contain goat milk and honey but they do have vegan friendly options as well.

Siskyn - A Vegan brand, I haven't stopped talking about the Camellia & Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil since I discovered it at judging for Free From Skincare Awards.

This list is based from own knowledge and of course it only gives a small example of the products available to vegan consumers. Do you have a favourite vegan natural skincare brand or a vegan friendly product recommendation

Sarah x

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