What I ate - New Vegan Foods - Wicked Kitchen, Nakd, Yushoi, Fry's

Vegan Nakd Wicked Kitchen Ready Meals Snacks Sandwiches
I'm always on the look out for new Free From and Vegan foods. Here's what I have found in recent weeks. If you want to see this stuff on a regular basis then follow me on Instagram :D

Marks & Spencer - Made Without Dairy Chocolate & Caramel Sticks, Quinoa & Supergreen Salad, Veggie Tikka Masala & Rice, side dishes from the Taste Japan range.
Waitrose - Sweet Potato & Chipotle Sandwich, Sourdough Crumpets
Starbucks BBQ Vegan wrap with Jackfruit & Slaw
Fry's - from the new chilled range Mediterranean Veg & Squash Slice (from Holland & Barrett)
Nakd Blueberry Muffin (found in Sainsbury's)
Yushoi Barbecue Baked Lentil Snack
Nairn's Oats Dark Chocolate & Coconut Biscuit Breaks (found in Sainsbury's)
Sainsbury's Super Greens Sandwich

Wicked Kitchen for Tesco, Vegan,Ready Meals, Pizza, Lunch to Go

Like it & would buy again - Carrot Pastrami Spiced Wrap, Curried Cauli, Onion Bhaji & Coconut Rice, Caponata Pizza, Smashin' Pumpkin Falafel sandwich.

Nice but not quite hitting the spot - BBQ Mushroom Pizza (too spicy despite labelled mild), BBQ Butternut Mac (great flavours but too dry, not enough sauce)

Have you tried any items featured? Thoughts? Got any recommendations?

Sarah x


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