Review Ermana Soothe Organic Hand & Body Wash with Aloe Vera

Review Ermana Soothe Organic Hand & Body Wash with Aloe Vera
Readers who have been here for the long haul will know that I mainly stick to unscented body washes and if I opt for a scented one it must be free from linalool. There are a handful of brands I rely on but after my favourite shower gel changed their ingredients it was a good opportunity to try something new. This was perfectly timed with the launch of Ermana Soothe Organic Hand & Body Wash.

I've previously reviewed Ermana Soothe Mama Body Oil so I had high hopes for the Soothe body wash and I haven't been disappointed. It's free from essential oils so have no scent and I use in conjunction with my konjac sponge. It does lather up nicely if that's important to you (contains Sodium Coco-Sulphate & Cocamidopropyl Betaine). Aloe vera is an ingredient suited to all but especially dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It has properties that soothe the skin which may be helpful for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Price for a 200ml bottle is comparable to high end organic brands. If you like to follow up with a moisturiser then Ermana has a matching Soothe Organic Hand & Body Lotion (with cocoa and shea butter).

I don't have any criticisms for this body wash; it's a good product which performs as expected. I genuinely appreciate when brands take the time to formulate for customers with allergies and sensitive skin, it must be a leap of faith to walk away from essential oils but I do believe it will be repaid with loyal customers. If you are able to tolerate essential oils I recommend checking the rest of Ermana's range.

Have you tried this product or any others from Ermana?

Sarah x

If you'd like to understand why I avoid linalool follow this link - dietitians & dermatologists

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