Natural Organic Skincare Free From Nuts

Natural Organic Skincare Free From Nuts
If you have nut allergies switching to natural skincare can be a little tricky and it's a common asked questions from readers looking for recommendations. As the topic came up in conversation again I thought I would put together a list of brands that should fit your allergy requirements. Please do research and note your allergen in INCI as this will help you shop for skincare. When you find a suitable product always patch test to ensure suitability for your skin. Always check ingredients with every purchase as products can be re-formulated and may no longer be suitable.

Awake Organics - all products are nut free, their focus is hemp oil for its skin benefits and eco-sustainability

Harborist - currently just one product, a cleanser, all ingredients in the cleanser are considered low on allergy risk, it does contain triglycerides from coconut but I understand that most people with tree nut allergies are fine with coconut but if you have doubts consult your Doctor and patch test. 

Odylique - free from wheat, dairy, soy and all common allergens such as, tree nut oils (almond, apricot, walnut etc and peanut oil).

Mel Millis - they have confirmed all products are nut free

Mulondon - all products are gluten-free and free from wheat or nut ingredients but advise the following "for people with extreme sensitivity to traces of these ingredients, we can't make such claims as we don't have certifications in place for that yet"

Natorigin - specialist in skincare and cosmetics for sensitive skin and approved by Allergy UK, free from peanut oil.

Balmonds - they confirmed "Yes, we are totally nut-free. Everything is made in our own workshop, no nuts allowed"

If you have any other suggestions for this list please let me know. This fact sheet from Anaphylaxis Campaign may provide useful reading material - Cosmetics, personal care products and medicines Some of the questions asked by people with food allergies

Sarah x