Organic Certification - What is COSMOS?

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If you frequent social media you may already be aware that it’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week and the Soil Association is running the campaign #WHATIMMADEOF. Sadly the natural beauty market is full of greenwashing so they want to “clear the confusion and debunk the myths that surround organic”

Back in 2013 I wrote an article about Organic Certification but that information is a little outdated now. When buying organic skincare in the UK the Soil Association is a recognisable logo on packaging. The certification is rigorous and reviews manufacturing processes, sourcing ingredients, formulation procedures, premises and packaging. When I wrote my previous article there were a number of different organisations across Europe offering organic certifications but the standards varied between them. The Soil Association teamed up with BDIH in Germany, Cosmebio and Ecocert in France and ICEA in Italy to develop a harmonised standard known as COSMOS. Since January 2017, The Soil Association and the founding partners certify to international COSMOS standards
COSMOS has two levels of certifications. 

1. The COSMOS natural certification addresses whether a natural product contains ingredients that fit with the natural ethos. Some ingredients can’t be organic (e.g water, salt, clay) so products like toners, scrubs and masks would never be able to achieve an organic status. The COSMOS natural certification gives consumer a level of reassurance which could also protect against the wider problem of greenwashing. 

2. The COSMOS organic certification requires formulations contain organically farmed ingredients that are grown without being genetically modified and no herbicides or synthetic fertilisers.

When buying products with the Soil Association COSMOS logo you are guaranteed they are free from animal testing, GM ingredients, controversial chemicals, Parabens and Phthalates, Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances.

As you know I’m a huge advocate of reading labels and understanding more about the products we put on our skin. My routine isn’t entirely organic but I’m focused on natural skincare. I avoid certain ingredients which could trigger allergies and that I believe are unnecessary for our skin and the environment. If you don’t buy into the idea that cosmetic ingredients are toxic on our bodies then I would ask you to consider environmental factors. Our planet is choking on plastic and this is an area of focus for natural brands, you’ll often find eco-friendly packaging.

So what organic brands can I recommend? Well my top favourite is Odylique and if you’re a regular reader that won’t be a surprise to you, I bang on about their Gentle Herb Shampoo and Superfruit Concentrate at every opportunity. You can also check out Ihana Skincare, Balm Balm, Saaf Skincare, Herbfarmacy, Lulu & Boo, MuLondon, Nourish, Alucia Organics, Inlight Beauty, Skin & Tonic, Terre Verdi, Pai Skincare, Botanicals, Made for Life and I’m sure there are many more to chose from.

Sarah x