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Celebrating Seven Years of Sugarpuffish

Celebrating Seven Years of Sugarpuffish
What I have learned in seven years of blogging

1. I've contemplated changing my blog name on more than one occasion over the years but I've never followed up on it because I'm yet to think of anything snappy. 

2. In the early days it was popular to leave comments with a back link to your blog. Seven years on this has slowly been killing me because when I upgraded my template I spent weeks removing all the dead links to blogs that no longer exist.

3. I still have a day job not connected to my blog and I'm not living the flat lay, chai latte Instagram life of dreams.

4. It's funny how quiet your inbox becomes once you dare to ask if you could be paid for blogging. These are the words you'll see most often "we don’t have the budget so we are just looking for people who would like to review xyz" or "we only offer payment to bloggers with a following of more than 10K on a single channel and a domain rating of 35 and over"

5. Some brands do respond negatively to constructive feedback. Thankfully only a few followed up with nasty emails and a character assassination whilst trying to discredit me across the internet - true story!

6. For every ten emails you'll receive only one that addresses you by your real name, I get messages with Hello There, Dear Blogger or Hi Sugar Puffish (like it's my first and last name!)

7. You'll be offered a "cool Infographic" on a weekly basis to share for FREE (big whoop!) on your blog which you promptly file in the trash folder.

For all the minor grumbles blogging has given me a creative outlet for my passions in life. I have met some wonderful people in the last seven years and several I see regularly outside of the virtual world.

I'd love to hear from readers, do you have any memorable moments? perhaps a favourite article on my site or a product you discovered through my reviews that you can no longer live without.

Sarah x