Five Favourites for May featuring Deep Steep, Green People, Bodhi & Birch

Five Natural Skincare Favourites for May
Disclaimer - contains PR samples

Here are five favourites which I've been reaching for consistently every day. Links will take you to full reviews (or stockist) but here's a small re-cap on each one.

Deep Steep Argan Oil Fig & Apricot Hand Wash - I've been using Deep Steep hand washes for years and I often pick them up at TK Maxx. I'll clear the shelves of them so I never run out. It's the fragrances that I love and I describe Deep Steep as a more natural alternative to The Body Shop.

Green People Light Day Moisturiser (Scent Free) - despite the name I do find this lotion hydrating and it's perfect for warmer weather. If you use heavier lotions but get that sweaty feeling on your face during humid days, then this Green People moisturiser would be my recommendation. You can always layer with other products is your skin is feeling particularly parched. I also love that Green People have a range of fragrance free skincare making it ideal for those prone to sensitivity and allergies.

Saint Come Aromaspray Mint Eucalyptus - I picked this up from Love Lula on a bit of a whim. Due to my allergies home fragrances can be a little tricky so natural alternatives are more appealing. Aromaspray is vegan and contains premium grade essential oils, packaging is recyclable and there are no hidden propellant gas or synthetic ingredients. I will say that the Mint Eucalyptus does smell reminiscent of toothpaste or mouthwash so I might opt for a different fragrance next time. I mainly use this for kitchen and bathroom smells and yes I could open the window but sometimes you want a quick fix.

Zkin Organic Brightening & Hydrating Masque - this mask allows me to relax and take some for myself whilst treating my skin. I enjoy the temporary lift it gives me when my skin is feeling dull and tired. It's also very easy to remove which is important to me because I have delicate skin. 

Bodhi & Birch Avo Bao Cleansing Balm - I had the pleasure of being part of the focus group for a new range from Bodhi & Birch. At some point I'll write a full review but the Superfoods Series are beautiful products which also happen to be free from essential oils. This is a luxurious natural and vegan friendly balm created with so much passion and love, Elijah has used one of my favourite ingredients plum kernel which gives a delicate marzipan aroma without allergens. It's a bold step to make given that other Bodhi products have been formulated around essential oils but I for one am delighted.

Sarah x