Interview with Bare Faced Skin - Luxurious, Effective Skincare

Interview with Bare Faced Skin - Luxurious, Effective Skincare
I had the pleasure of discovering Bare Faced Skin through the Free From Skincare Awards and I invited Helen, the founder, to interview. Keep reading to learn more about this up and coming natural skincare brand.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your own company
I’ll tell the short version as this could turn into a novel. I’ve always been a lover nature, essential oils and have background in body therapies. I came into skincare some might say by accident. I think looking back I don’t think it was an accident. I developed Eczema at the age of 17 which started at my forehead and worked its way down to cover my body. I spent many years using prescribed steroid creams and lashings of petroleum jelly to slather all over my body, so masking a problem. I had numerous allergy tests which at the time showed I was allergic to the 20th century. I ended up in hospital with complications due to compromised skin and once I left hospital and after a time convalescing at home I came to the conclusion I had to do something. So began my overhaul, looking at the body and mind holistically inside and out.

I attended training workshops to design products I could use on my skin without the burning sensation I found with everything else I tried. My mission, to design products that helped soothe, nourish and protect and at the same time let my skin breathe. There were lots of trials, mainly on myself, though family and friends also got involved, all of which helped Bare Faced Skin evolve to where we are today.

Do you have a favourite ingredient that you enjoy formulating with and why do you love it?
I love so many of the ingredients in our products, Shea butter for one. The texture is amazing I think that’s one of the first butters I fell in love with. Another is Sea Buckthorn Co2 extract, this is the reason our face and body creams are the lovely sunny colour you see. The colour varies from each batch harvested, that’s nature for you, but it’s so vibrant and intense. Sea Buckthorn is also a potent antioxidant to use in skin care; it helps fight free radical damage which is attributed to the visual signs of ageing. 

What does Bare Faced Skin do to limit its impact on the environment?
The decision was made to use glass packaging rather that plastic. Yes it’s heavier but anything we can do to reduce the use of plastic is a small step forward. All aspects of our packaging are recyclable but we are still looking at the other areas that we can change, where we can reduce waste, along with the sustainability of the ingredients we use in our products.

What are your top 3 beauty must haves and do you have any skincare tips?
I don’t go anywhere without our Face Revival Cream, it’s great for the odd little dry patch on the body too. Occasionally l use a lightweight oil on my face before bed, it can be a single oil or a combination of oils depending on what I have to hand, great for nourishment while sleeping. I drink hot water; I tend to drink more water when it’s hot. It’s great to throw in a slice of lemon, good for detoxing and helping flush out the system or a couple of sprigs of mint, the aroma is very uplifting and adds a zing to the day. 

What has been your proudest achievement to date and what does the future hold for Bare Faced Skin?
To date seeing Bare Faced Skin come to life has been an achievement in itself and to top it off in 2018 we won a Shortlist Beauty Award and all our products were nominated in the Free From Skincare Awards. It’s been an amazing journey so far and in the future we hope to have a few more products in the range, see our products on a few shelves and expand into the international market.

end of interview.........

If you would like to connect with Bare Faced Skin you can purchase products through their website (Bare Faced Skin) and follow on Twitter (@BareFacedSkin).

Sarah x