Interview with Skincare with Compassion - now known as White Moon Skincare

Interview Skincare with Compassion - natural, cruelty free and vegan

Back in July at the Just V Show, I came across a brand I was unfamiliar with, 
Skincare with Compassion. I have been keen to share this discovery with readers so I invited Emma the founder for an interview. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your own company, Skincare with Compassion
The idea began about 9 years ago. I became aware of the cruel world of animal testing in the beauty industry and the nasty ingredients disguised in skincare products claiming to be of natural origin. People were not aware of this back then as they are now and natural products that were effective, cruelty-free and vegan were almost impossible to find.

I had started reading skincare labels in my search for the Leaping Bunny certification to find out if the product had been tested on animals and became interested to know about product ingredients and what all those long, scientific names actually were. I then embarked on a journey learning about ingredients and was shocked to realise that the majority of products were loaded with rubbish from bulk fillers and petrochemicals to artificial fragrances, silicones and synthetics which have no nutritional benefit to the skin whatsoever. The desire to create my own skincare company then began. I wanted to create a range of products that were natural, cruelty-free, vegan and with honest company ethics. By working with experts in the beauty industry, it was important that all ingredients used are 100% natural, non animal-derived, contained no nasty ingredients and sourced only from ethical origins.

After years of hard work, passion and determination, Skincare with Compassion launched in 2018. The company received Cruelty-free and Vegan certification which was such a proud moment as this was my dream for so long! We now offer a wide range of natural skincare products for all different skin types and suitability for our customers to enjoy using.

Why is natural, cruelty-free and vegan skincare important to you?
I can talk for ages about this so I’ll keep this one short. Skincare with Compassion was launched out of a passion for truly natural skincare with love and concern for animals. Pure nature provides us with everything the skin needs to be nourished, healthy and radiant without the use of skin irritating chemicals and other questionable ingredients which are unfortunately disguised in many skincare products today. It’s so important that we understand what is being applied to our skin which is why we explain about the ingredients we use on our website. What goes onto the skin is just as important as what is going into our bodies. This is why we use only the purest, natural goodness in our formulations that deliver effective results to the skin and help to support the sustainability of our environment. We are strongly against animal testing and the use of animal-derived ingredients in all our products. No innocent animal should be subject to cruel suffering and exploitation and has the right to live freely on this earth just as much as we do.
Skincare with Compassion Pure & Gentle sensitive skin
Skincare with Compassion caters for all skin types but here on Sugarpuffish we have a particular interest in products for sensitive, eczema and allergy prone skin. Can you tell us about your Pure & Gentle range?
Our Pure & Gentle range has been formulated specifically for those with skin sensitivities, redness, eczema and irritations and is completely fragrance free. By having sensitive skin myself, I understand this skin type can be difficult to care for and that lots of common triggers can lead to flare ups including artificial fragrances, chemicals and dehydrating alcohols. We have carefully selected the most gentle and nutrient-rich ingredients that will help to heal, strengthen and protect delicate skin types restoring it to a natural, healthy complexion.

The Pure & Gentle range includes the following:

Pure & Gentle Facial Wash - a light gel formula enriched with soothing Chamomile and hydrating Rosehip which gently cleanses and refreshes the skin helping to improve it’s elasticity.

Pure & Gentle Milk Cleanser - blended with nourishing Sweet Almond and antioxidant-rich Kukui that melts away impurities to thoroughly cleanse and nourish the skin.

Pure & Gentle Moisturiser - this is a light, silky moisturiser blended with Organic Aloe Vera and Shea Butter that naturally soothes and repairs the skin replenishing it’s moisture balance.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve been given?

Use the right skincare products for your skin type in order to achieve and maintain a healthy complexion. If you do this, your skin will receive the most benefits from the products you are using.

What does the future hold for Skincare with Compassion?
The company is very new but we want to change the way in which people think about skincare and that natural, cruelty-free and vegan beauty is the way forward. Being a compassionate company we are dedicated to raising awareness of animal welfare, ethical issues and skincare ingredients and we hope to expand our range in due course. By helping people make more compassionate choices in life, we can take a step forward to living in a much kinder world.

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