Review Silvan Skincare Muscle Balm, Benecos Hand Cream, The Handmade Soap Co Men's Shaving Puck

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(Note: I participate in the Love Lula Blogger Programme and can select products from their site, I am not obligated to review)

Here’s my final Love Lula review for this year and yes seems crazy to say that. On several occasions I’ve was convinced I would eventually run out of products to test from their site but I kept going strong.

I’ve slowly been converting my husband over to greener products and he’s been experimenting for a couple of years now with shaving soaps. I realised I hadn’t given this particular shaving soap a shout out and this is the second one I’ve ordered. Whilst this does cost a little more than others we tested you do get value for money, I’m not totally certain but I think he possibly made it last 8-9 months. You can create a nice creamy lather with this shaving soap which I know hubby likes. I definitely would recommend to others.

Sadly Madara seem to have discontinued my favourite hand cream so I’ve been in need of a replacement. Once the temperature dips and the heating goes on my hands are prone to eczema if I don’t maintain my dry skin. I chose the Benecos Classic hand cream because it’s free from linalool. I wasn’t expecting much from a cream that is a super affordable £2.95 but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It is a runny lotion but I still manage to get a decent level of hydration. It suits me well when at work because it disappears quickly without stickiness and I am happy to re-apply when needed. I often top up applications in the evening with a “heavier” cream/balm (e.g Pure Potions is a favourite).

I’ve been on the hunt for a linalool free muscle rub for a while now. Hubby is moaning about a sore arm and I’ve got a dodgy shoulder which is an old car accident injury (what a pair we make!). Silvan has featured on my blog before so it’s a brand I’m familiar with. The muscle balm is one of eight balms recently launched (Sleep, Breathe, Gardener's, Radiance, Muscle, Rescue, Mama's and Bliss). Muscle balm contains organic oils, shea butter, comfrey, arnica, marjoram, eucalyptus and cedarwood, it is also suitable for Vegans. From my own experiences, I find some balm formulations tricky to work with; some products don’t melt easily on contact with skin. Silvan Skincare balm is different and I would put that down to the absence of beeswax which is often found in other products. Silvan Muscle balm is soft and buttery making it very easy to massage which is what I want in this type of product as an injury which flares up often needs a light touch. Whilst I can’t vouch for removal of pain I can say that I do find massage can have a positive effect. There is certainly no harm in giving ourselves a little down time and attending to our wellbeing. I would be interested in trying other products from the range in the future and would recommend giving them your consideration.

Sarah x