Review Ere Perez Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter, Nature's Wish Unscented Facial Cleansing Oil, Saint Come Aromaspray

Reviews Love Lula, Ere Perez, Nature's Wish, Saint Come

I'm very selective about the products I choose. I study ingredients for a number of reasons, allergies are of course top of the list but also knowing what my skin loves and hates. I don't always get it right and once in a while something that looks good on paper doesn't work out so well for my skin. The reviews that follow were a good selection of products and I made some great choices even if I do say so myself.

Ere Perez Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter
It’s quite unusual for me to experience dry lips but this winter has been a little unkind to me so I was looking for a product to boost the balms I’ve been using. I was initially a little surprised by this product because I would describe it as a light cream and the word “butter” conjures up a richer, thicker texture. Despite this the formula is deeply moisturising and packed full of lush ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil, coconut, cranberry, cucumber and olive oil. I like to apply in the evenings as an intensive treatment so in the morning my lips feel soft and smooth. It does make for a delicate light eye cream however I haven’t made it part of my daily routine. You’ll know from past reviews that Ere Perez is a firm favourite with me, I'm regularly signing the praises of the SOS Marmalade balm and the Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter has also not disappointed.

Nature's Wish Cleanse Unscented Facial Cleansing Oil
When Nature’s Wish popped up on my radar it seemed the obvious choice to select this cleansing oil. I’m very keen to support brands who offer options to consumers with sensitive skin and fragrance allergies. Nature’s Wish unscented cleansing oil has a good formulation with ingredients rosehip, apricot kernel, evening primrose, avocado, macadamia, chia seed, coconut and flower essences of crab apple and olive. If I compare the texture to the Mono cleanser which I reviewed last month, Nature’s Wish feels heavier on the skin. It’s a good product which removes makeup and daily grime without disrupting the delicate balance of my skin. This is a good all rounder which I'd happily recommend.

Saint Come Aromaspray Thyme Cinnamon
You may remember I’ve previously reviewed the mint eucalyptus from Saint Come. It’s been a pleasure to use so I decided to try out another fragrance. I love cinnamon so it seemed a great choice for me. It’s a scent often associated with Christmas and Winter so it feels the perfect fit at this time of year. I obviously encourage people to air their houses naturally, I do crack open the windows but there are times when you need a little pick me up or to mask a little unpleasant odour (like coming home to the bin giving off a whiff because you forgot to empty it). Saint Come uses ingredients that are vegan and natural, packaging is a 100% recyclable bottle.

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