2019 Edition - Current Skincare Routine for Morning and Evening

Current Skincare Routine sensitive, eczema prone, dry, mature
(includes Gifted & Purchased products/unpaid)

UPDATE JULY 2021 - S5 Skincare has been discontinued and replaced with a new company, Adaptology

It has been many months since I discussed my skincare routine, in fact looking back it was May 2018. Whilst I may change up my brands the general principals to my routine don't change. I'll use cream, oil or balm cleansers, follow with a toner, then moisturise with either creams or oil serums. For those who are new readers my products are always natural and/or organic, my skin is sensitive, dry and eczema prone. I also have to avoid linalool (an allergen which is naturally present in some essential oils).

In the mornings I generally opt for a cream cleanser but it's entirely down to mood. At the moment I'm using Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser which is a "go to" product for me. I delved into the archives and found my original review from 2013. I know some people struggle with coconut in skincare but I love it. This cleanser is lightweight and easily removed with a damp cloth, my skin always feels cared for and never dry or upset as I am prone to sensitivity. In the evenings I'll switch to an oil cleanser because I'm at the point in my day when I want to return moisture to my skin plus remove pollution and makeup. The Mono Naturoils Rose & Cucumber Cleansing Oil has been working out perfectly for me. It's gentle on my skin and a real treat at the end of the day. I am always very happy to discover products formulated on ingredients which have their own aroma. Majority of my products are fragrance free so it's nice to return scent to the routine without the worry of fragrance allergens. The Evolve Organic Beauty Daily Defence Moisture Mist has been a staple in my routine since 2017. I honestly don't ever want to be without it. This mist preps skin for creams and serums and since it contains hyaluronic acid it gives the sensation that I'm restoring order to my often parched skin. 

S5 Skincare is the sister company to Evolve, products are vegan, cruelty free, suitable for sensitive skin and free from fragrance allergens. Products are formulated to care for skin suffering from the effects of modern living and provide effective solutions for five specific skin concerns: blemishes, sensitive skin, ageing hyperpigmentation and dry skin. For the daytime, I'm currently enjoy using the S5 Serenity Cream which is designed to calm and hydrate sensitive skin prone to redness with ingredients of Prickly Pear and Hyaluronic Acid. The texture of this cream is similar to my favourite from Evolve and I certainly benefit from the hydration it appears to offer. I am prone to redness and can see improvements with time. In the evenings I like to switch things up and use Bodhi & Birch Super25 Botanical Serum which is an amazing blend of 25 super seed, fruit, nut and berry oils. Super25 is luxurious oil and it’s been amazing at balancing my skin. I’m almost certain it has helped clear up my dermatitis. Bodhi & Birch products are a serious investment and it’s been an absolute pleasure to experience. I will genuinely miss this serum when the bottle is empty.

Have you tried any of the products featured here? What does your skincare routine look like?

Sarah x