Review Kind Organic - Period Care Products

kind organic natural period care products
(Gifted - PR Samples)

"Kind Organic was founded with the belief that it should be easier for women to put the needs of their body first with a kinder, more natural product"

I was offered the opportunity to try Kind Organic Night Pads. As you may know from other posts I have been trying to reduce plastic waste and find a good alternative for mainstream pads. Natural period products are kinder to the environment and your skin. I don't know about you but I detest mainstream brands that use perfume, it's irritating in more ways than one. The use of organic cotton reduces your exposure to the pesticides and chemicals which are banned in organic farming methods. Pads have biofilm backing sheets and biodegradable applicators for tampons.

I prefer a longer length pad for a heavy flow so it was suggested I trial the night pads. They were certainly very comfortable but I couldn't use overnight on my heaviest days. Unfortunately this can be a common occurrence for me with natural pads. I can often experience leakage and mainstream brands do tend to "lock" away wetness. I did experience bunching which wasn't ideal. 

I would certainly look to use Kind Organic alongside other products, it's just a case of finding the best fit. What I find most appealing about this brand is accessibility as they are available at Boots and Ocado. Many of my previous reviews have been for period care subscription services which is a great option but we have to accept it may not suit everyone. Of course it's awesome to have organic and natural brands hitting the high street shelves, it's such a step forward for the future and putting them in front of people who may not otherwise give consideration to switching.

Have you switch to natural period care? Have you heard of or tried Kind Organic?

Sarah x