Review Jason Organic Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap & Organii Cream Soap Almond

Reviews for Love Lula Jason Organic Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap & Organii Cream Soap Almond
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Everyone has heard of the brand Jason right? Is it possible to be part of the Green community and not know them? Jason was established in 1959 in the US and one of the original pioneers for green beauty. For those that may consider the brand name unique, I read on their website that Jason means "healer" in Greek. They have a simple ethos with no artificial colours, no animal by-products, bio-degradable packaging and recycled and/or recyclable containers and all products are certified vegetarian. I believe Jason to be family friendly and affordable so I decided to try the Jason Organic Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap.

Due to my allergies I provide my own hand wash for the bathroom at work. I've been on the hunt for budget friendly options after discovering it was secretly being used by others. No surprises there considering the alternative. The Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap contains Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed and Wheat Germ Oils to help soothe and hydrate the skin. It does contain fragrance (parfum) but there are no essential oil allergens plus it's suitable for vegans. This hand soap lathers up nicely, has a pleasant aroma and doesn't feel overly drying on my skin. I have naturally dry hands so I always struggle regardless. The bottle is a whopping 473ml so great value for a family or shared bathroom. If Aloe Vera doesn't take your fancy this soap is also available in Lavender, Rosewater and Tea Tree.

You'll have noticed that Organii is featuring in a few of my reviews as I'm really enjoying discovering more from this brand. It's another one which I class as affordable and also suitable for Vegans. At home we try to use solid soap bars where possible so when we recently ran out it was a good excuse to try Organii Cream Soap Almond. My husband has taken to using this one as I've made an error and overlooked the presence of linalool (one of my allergies). I have given it a whirl but I can't use daily. Is it odd to say I like the size of this soap bar? I say this because some can be large and bulky which makes it a little harder to circulated in your palms to generate a lather. It's a lovely creamy soap which so far is holding up well in the soap dish, in the past we've had bars that become mushy very quickly. My husband randomly commented the other day that he like the new soap over the old one which trust me is high praise from him. Organii Cream soap comes in a few scents - wild rose, lavender & lime blossom. When we run out I'll probably pick up the "Neutral" which is unscented because that will be more suitable for my sensitive skin.

I think it's fair to say Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap and Organii Cream Soap Almond have been a great success and I'm more than happy to recommend. If you missed my review last month then follow this link - Lovea Ideal Hydration Organic Coconut Fabric Face Mask.

Have you tried these products? What did you think of them?

Sarah x