Being Organic Vegan Clothing (no longer trading)

Being Organic Vegan Clothing
I want to buy ethical clothing but often I feel excluded for having a larger body as eco-friendly brands often do not cater for people bigger than a UK size 16 (I'm 18/20). On the odd occasion a garment is suitable then I have to be mindful of my budget. Eco-friendly and sustainable clothing comes at a premium and of course I understand why that is but I wish it would change as it often what holds me back. I do my part where I can and try to avoid fast fashions stores and I'm wearing my clothes to the point they become threadbare and holey.

Back in March, I saw this Being milk carton t-shirt on Instagram and promptly purchased it. I've loved wearing it and often get comments on the design. Let me tell you a little bit about Being clothing. Their t- shirts  are 100% cotton, PETA Approved and climate neutral (produced using solar and wind power). The designs are hand drawn and screen printed with inks that are vegan and accredited by the Soil Association. They are backed by the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures workers are paid a fair wage.

The quality of my t-shirt is really lovely, nice and soft and a good weight to the cotton. It has washed and worn well over the months, with no sign of fading, shrinking or deterioration in the print. I'm very happy that my £18 has been well spent. Choosing a size was a little tricky but I ended up measuring a pre-owned t-shirt for comparison and opted for a large. It's a nice fit, a little snug and if I ordered again and wanted a looser fit I'd try the extra large.

I'm honestly very happy with my purchase and thought it was about time to share it with you. As I said I'd like to start expanding my wardrobe beyond ethical t-shirts but for now it's a great starting point.

Sarah x