Lifestyle Review - Eco-friendly and zero waste products from Net Zero Co

Net Zero Co Petite Munchie Box and folding spork
(featuring PR gifted items)

Once you leave school you think your lunch box days are over but here I am in my forties madly googling for packed lunch ideas. I'm faced with several issues when it comes to getting myself organised. I live a plant based diet with allergies  and it sometimes feels like I'm stuck in a rut because my food becomes very repetitive. I'm reliant on products I deem to be safe for me and stepping out to try something new can be a little daunting (lots of label reading & research). I really am quite lazy and I watch hours of meal prep videos but on a weekend or evening the last thing I want to do is spend more time cooking. I don't work in a big city so purchasing my lunch out has allergy hurdles since there are lack of available establishments and it can become expensive.

I'm not sure why smashed chickpeas is hailed as a substitute for tuna or egg sandwiches because that's just bonkers to me. Those are quite distinct ingredients and no offence to the humble chickpea but they don't pack the same punch. I like using accessible ingredients so you won't find Kala Namak Indian Black Salt in my kitchen cupboards. As I'm allergic to eggs the slightest smell sends me into a sweaty panic. For me mashed chickpeas are a quick and easy equivalent to hummus. I blitz chickpeas in a mini food processor with smoked paprika, garlic granules, nutritional yeast and then stir in vegan mayonnaise (IMO has to be Follow Your Heart Vegenaise). I love to add capers or gherkins to the mix or simply add when assembling the sandwich with whatever salad I fancy or have to hand.
Net Zero Co Petite Munchie Box
I'm sure many of you have a tupperware cupboard or drawer. A collection that spans generations and lids that seem to have long lost their other half. Why is that? Do they go to live with the missing socks? I'm not advocating throwing out all your plastic lunch boxes, that would be a huge plight on the environment, you are better off continuing to use them, however, if you are looking to replace broken items or upgrade then make your next purchase plastic free. I was recently gifted a stainless steel bento box from Net Zero Company.

I have the Net Zero Petite Munchie Box (800ml size) which is ample for a sandwich/wrap or snacks. It has a removable divider so you can section the lunch box into two compartments and position as you wish. The strong claps give it an airtight seal and the inner silicone ring prevent leaks, it is also suitable for dishwashers and freezers. I'm using this stainless steel bento box for work days and it's great for my lunches. I also have the folding spork which is ideal for on the go. The cotton pouch is handy for carrying it around and helps you to avoid using disposable plastic cutlery.

As mentioned I was gifted these items by Net Zero Co so let me give you some more information on this retailer. They are a Canadian company on a mission to encourage change with everyday reusable items that can make a difference no matter where you live. They use plastic free shipping and 100% biodegradable packagingNet Zero are partnered with Eden Restoration Project to plant trees in less economically developed and environmentally challenged countries and make a donation with every order. If this sounds great to you then visit their website and check out the products available.

Sarah x