Furloughed and Lockdown

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I'm not sure what to say really as "I hope you are well?" feels a little redundant right now. The world has been turned upside down and the anxiety levels are rising. I generally keep personal details away from this site but I wanted to say I'm still here and like many of you just trying to cope. You might not realise that outside of this blogging bubble I have a regular nine to five office job and I've now been made a furlough employee. It's very bizarre to find yourself without a daily work routine for the foreseeable future and now I'm wondering how to fill my days.

If it's OK with you I'd like to create a little sanctuary here on my blog, make it a virus free zone and I want to continue talking about skincare. I've been using the internet as my escapism and it's helping me find a few moments of peace.  Never have I been more grateful for YouTube with plenty of pet and home renovating videos to keep me smiling. I'm not sure how long my motivation for blogging will last, I might steer off topic on occasions but I'd like to give it a try as I think I need my own creative outlet right now. Beauty routines have always been my escapism and I'm clutching onto that for now. Our bathrooms are the little home spa sanctuaries we can create to try and ease our minds and tensions. I stepped out of the shower this morning noticing my eczema was creeping up under my skin and I felt terribly sad as I know stress is causing it to break out. 

I turned off comments at the start of the year. I hadn't had a comment in so long and it was making me a little sad however  I do appreciate that habits and interactions have changed since I started this blog. Let me take this opportunity to say if you'd like to reach out about skincare or any other matters on your mind then I'm available on Email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So I'm sending you all my love and well wishes and lets see what tomorrow brings as one day at a time feels about right for now.

Sarah x