Review Madara Ocean Love Soothing Moisture Soap

review Madara Ocean Love Soothing Moisture Soap

Madara Ocean Love is a limited edition collection created to celebrate seas and oceans. The packaging is recyclable and made from recycled ocean waste or plant based plastics, with artwork by Klāvs Loris. The formulations are ocean-friendly and vegan. As Ocean Love products are limited I wasn't sure whether to review but the collection is currently still available from Love Lula.

If you order Madara Ocean Love Soothing Moisture Soap, please note that the ingredients listed on the Love Lula website are different to the bottle. I've pointed this out to customer service but it remains the same at the time of writing this. It was bittersweet disappointment because the website had me believe this soap was free from linalool and sadly it is not. Coincidentally, the fragrance for Ocean Love is meadowsweet and jasmine which matches with Madara Infusion Blanc Moisture Soap so I suspect it's the same product re-packaged.

I placed the Madara Ocean Love Soothing Moisture Soap in my guest bathroom and received compliments on the pleasant aroma. It has a gentle sweetness which I enjoy. I know bar soaps are favourable for the environment but I find them a little messy and impractical in certain circumstances so I continue to use liquid soaps in my home and at work. I've used Ocean Love sparingly but I have been happy with how it feels on my skin. I would say that in comparison to other liquid soaps, it does feel non-drying so holds up to its name. For me, winter is my worst enemy, cold weather and flu season take their toll on how my skin behaves and feels, the constant washing to protect from illness means I have to hit up hand creams more often than in Summer. I'm always grateful for a soap that isn't stripping and doesn't contribute to skin feeling parched and rough.

When it comes to Madara as a brand, there are a couple of products I've repeat purchased over the years so I'm confident to make recommendations (Madara Moonflower Tinting Fluid and Madara City CC Cream). I might not be able to test more products from them due to linalool sensitivity but I am happy to gift to others and when I do they have been gratefully received. If by the time you read this the Ocean Love collection has vanished, I would still recommend taking time to consider other products from Madara.

Sarah x