Introduction to Lucky Cloud Skincare

Introduction to Lucky Cloud Skincare
Let me introduce you to Lucky Cloud Skincare. I recently made a gift purchase from them and wanted to offer support at this difficult time. Lucky Cloud Skincare are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and produce natural and vegan skincare. Products are handmade in small batches using plant based ingredients to formulate beautiful oils and balms. They have a fantastic ethos with recyclable packaging, no animal testing plus high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Lucy, the founder of Lucky Cloud has struggled with sensitive skin and created products to try and address her needs. All products fully comply with the European cosmetic regulations and have been tested for their safety and stability by leading industry assessors. 

I encourage you to explore the product range especially if you love balms and facial oils. Lucky Cloud Skincare also have a range of solid soap bars but you need to be quick as at the time of writing only peppermint remains in stock. I am sure they will re-stock in the future so bookmark the page. I tend to judge a brand on their lip balm flavours and opt for food scents so coconut and vanilla are sure to be a winner.  

If you have the opportunity and means to support indie brands then now is your chance. Come back and let me know on social media what you purchased.

Sarah x


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