Introduction to Naturally Tribal Skincare

Introduction to Naturally Tribal Skincare
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During this difficult time I am offering to blog about small businesses that are still trying to trade. This idea was triggered when I was looking for Birthday gifts. April is a month of celebrations in my family and we are all spread out across the country so I can't hand deliver parcels to doorsteps. I would like to surprise loved ones with gifts for as long as I possibly can. I appreciate that non-essential shopping has been controversial however indie brands are self employed and trying to maintain an income under difficult circumstances. If I can support them in some small way through my website then I'd like to help.

Lets start this Introduction series off with Naturally Tribal a vegan, cruelty free, natural brand focusing on sustainability and recyclable packaging. As with many brands I work with the backstory to foundation starts with a familiar one which includes eczema. I find many founders have eczema themselves or were trying to care for loved ones and so their products were born out of this need to manage the condition.

Naturally Tribal ‘Source to Jar’ traceability enables them to provide ethically conscious products, ingredients are sourced from Africa and they have a ‘Trade not Aid’ approach when collaborating with producers in the Kingdom of Essan in Nigeria. The focus has been on training, mentoring, developing and empowering the women who produce ingredients. The packaging for products has changed from plastic to recyclable glass which helps the environment and customers should be able to place this in their household recycle bins.

Shea butter is at the heart of this skincare range, an excellent choice for managing dry skin conditions. Formulations are simple but packed full of ingredients which have nourishing effects. The following products are available - body butters for Women, Men and Kids, beard oil, shaving oil and body scrubs. For anyone like me with sensitivity to essential oils then consider the Yara Kids Body Food.

If you would like to see Naturally Tribal in action in Africa then check out the following link - YouTube - Naturally Tribal's Essan village visit

Sarah x