My Skincare Routine - Dry, Sensitive, Mature and prone to Eczema

My Skincare Routine for Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin prone to Eczema
(some of the items featured have been purchased by me but I have linked to past reviews where product many have originally been a Gifted PR sample)

I haven't updated you on my skincare routine in a while so let me share what I am using in lockdown. This is a good time to use up products I have laying around and a great excuse for additional pampering sessions, I'm now someone who uses face masks on the regular. If you are new here then to recap my skin type is prone to eczema, dry and sensitive (I have allergies) and I'm 43.

Let's start with cleansing which I do morning and evenings. I've been trialing the Lucy Bee Reviving Cleansing Cream but also using up Handmade Naturals Face Cleansing Oil. This cleansing oil is a long time favourite of mine. It has some super lovely ingredients and smells divine however it is free from essential oil allergens. Next up I will moisturise and in the mornings I'm using Green People Anti-Aging 24 Hour Cream. I think I'm on my third tube of this now. It just seems to suit my skin really well at the moment. I've really struggled finding fragrance free creams so glad this ones is working out for me. In the evenings I tend to apply oils so I'm currently using Myroo Super Boost Buriti. This is one of three Super Boost serums and I have loved them all. Buriti oil is great for protecting and brightening the skin, it defends against environmental stressors and is the richest source of beta-carotene.

Additional treatments over and above cleansing and moisturising don't tend to be a regular part of my routine. As I said lockdown has changed that and I want to use up products that were otherwise being neglected. I'm working my way through Odylique 3 in 1 Maca mask and Nature's Kitchen Gentle Care Face Mask. Both are great products which I enjoy using and seem to suit my skin very well. I always have Odylique Spot on Serum in my collection, it's a great all rounder for little emergencies so this often gets used on hormonal pimples, cuts and bites. I thought I'd throw in a mention for my Madara City CC cream because it adds some benefits and makes me feel human again thanks to the added tint. The SPF is useful for protecting the skin for brief moments outside. I would apply a separate sun cream if I was spending longer in the garden or at the beach, Green People was my go to last summer.

Sarah x