Review Alteya Liquid Soap, Benecos Lip Balm, Organii Shower Gel, Nature's Kitchen Moisturiser

Alteya Liquid Soap, Benecos Lip Balm, Organii Shower Gel, Nature's Kitchen Moisturiser
(Gifted from Love Lula)

As you may know I've been working with Love Lula for a couple of years. I'm able to select products from their site and pass on my feedback to readers. Last month I chose the products pictured above so let me give you an overview of my thoughts and recommendations. As a side note every product featured is free from linalool but may contain other fragrance allergens. Remember to always  check the labels as formulas can change.

Alteya Certified Organic Liquid Soap (Chamomile & Calendula and Grapefruit & Orange) - this is a 'new to me' brand and I've merely dipped into their range by choosing to try their liquid soaps.

"Alteya Organics is a fast growing and a multiple international award-winning family-owned USDA and NaTrue certified organic beauty and skin care company with our own rose and lavender fields, distillery and a state-of-the art skin care manufacturing facility in the heart of The Rose Valley in Bulgaria"

Alteya liquid soaps come in a variety of aromas and two sizes - 250ml and 500ml. The consistency of these soaps is fluid in comparison to others I have in my home. It generates a good amount of lather which I know some people may find important as it creates enjoyment and ease of usage. Chamomile & Calendula is a calming fragrance where as Grapefruit and Orange is uplifting. Overall this soap is fairly good at not leaving my hands feeling dry but like most people at the moment my skin has suffered damage prior to trialing the Alteya liquid soaps. 

Benecos Lipbalm Vanilla  - I am already familiar with Benecos lip balms as the classic version was Winner of the Overall Award for 'Best Free From Skincare Product' 2017 at the Free From Skincare Awards. What I like about these balms is they are affordable and suitable for Vegans. They are formulated with natural and organic butters and waxes (shea butter, coca butter and jojoba oil) which protects and cares for lips helping the skin to feel soft, smooth and kissable. 

Nature's Kitchen Super Protein Skin Boosting Gentle Care Moisturiser - I've tried a couple of products from Nature's Kitchen and really enjoyed them however with this moisturiser I have decided it doesn't quite suit my needs. Even though Nature's Kitchen Super Protein Skin Boosting Gentle Care Moisturiser is packed full of interesting ingredients, for me, the consistency is too light and it doesn't tackle my dry skin. My personal opinion would be that if you have sensitive skin which is younger and less demanding or you enjoy a lighter texture of cream then it would be worth a try. 

Organii Shower Gel Argan - I've been using Organii Shea Butter shower gel for some time now but thought this was a good opportunity to try the Argan version to compare. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and full of fatty acids so it's a good natural moisturiser. In terms of fragrance this one is milder than the shea butter but neither are overpowering it's just a delicate hint which I appreciate. I apply my body washes with a Konjac Sponge and Organii produces a decent amount of foam which I enjoy. I'm always happy to give my recommendation for Organii as I honestly do love using their products.

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Sarah x