Introduction to Ohelo - leakproof bottles and travel cups

Ohelo leakproof bottles and travel cups
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As you may have noticed I have been trying to offer my support to brands as we go through lockdown. I don't earn my living through my site and I choose to share products and brands that are of genuine interest to me. Today I would like to introduce you to Ohelo, a family run business based in London, who produce high quality insulated reusable bottles and tumblers.

Ohelo launched at the end of last year and design all products in the UK. They have taken care and paid attention to the full process of manufacturing their products making sure they are eco-friendly, built to last and safe for customers. Ohelo bottles are made with thick steel and use a technique which avoids the "fake bottom" seen in other products. They use a lead free solder which ensures not only the safety of customers but also the factory workers. Coatings are high quality for durability, designs are laser engraved so they will not fade, products are BPA, BPS and BPF free and packaging is plastic free, recycled and easily recyclable.
Ohelo leakproof bottles and travel cups
I have a reusable bottle which was purchased last year from a competitor and I can see the differences when reading through Ohelo's brief. My bottle has the false bottom and the outer design has started chipping off. Even though regularly use and I love the investment I made in my bottle, I often complain about how to carry it. Ohelo combats this with a strap that is also removable allowing you to hook onto a bag. The neck is wide enough for ice cubes and they claims it fits most cupholders (the later is a feature I need as my bottle doesn't fit my car). I don't have experience of using tumblers from other brands but with Ohelo the features are - leakproof sip lid, mesh attachment (can be used as a protein shaker, loose leaf tea strainer, fruit infuser etc) and fits most cupholders

If you are thinking of investing in a reusable bottle or travel cup then please give your consideration to Ohelo, further information can be found on their website -

Sarah x

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