Review Lucy Bee Reviving Cleansing Cream (Unscented)

Review Lucy Bee Reviving Cleansing Cream Unscented
(I purchase this product & decided to review)

I've been using the same cleansing routine for a year and a few weeks ago, before crazy lockdown, I'd decided to switch things up. I placed an order with Lucy Bee and bought their Reviving Cleansing Cream. Now you might know Lucy Bee for their pantry staples but were you aware they made skincare products? Their natural fragrance free soap had been on my radar since the 2019 Free From Skincare Awards so I'd been meaning to explore the range. At the heart of Lucy Bee is the love for coconut oil and this includes their skincare range. I'm a huge fan of coconut oil and my skin tolerates this ingredient very well. As a brand, Lucy Bee are ethical, conscious of their impact on the environment (No Palm Oil) and have several certifications - Fairtrade, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

The Reviving Cleansing Cream is thick and hydrating but easily massages across the face to remove makeup and impurities. The formulation also contains grapeseed oil to moisturise and nourish plus passion flower oil and bisabolol to help protect against environmental stress. I'm using the cleanser morning and evenings, working it into my skin and then removing excess with a damp cloth. My skin is left feeling refresh and clean, I still experience occasional dryness but that may be due to external factors.

What I like about Lucy Bee Reviving Cleansing Cream is the simplicity of ingredients and that it is fragrance free making it ideal for almost everyone. I think you will love this if you have sensitive skin and a passion for all things coconut. I find the packaging of interest as it's a 125ml recyclable aluminium tube and very different to most brands I am using with glass and plastic bottles. My only disappointment with this cleanser is I had expectations that it would have a delicious coconut aroma but it's a fairly neutral scent. 

My final thoughts are I'm enjoying using this Lucy Bee cleanser, it suits my skin type but I wouldn't necessarily buy on a regular basis. That might surprise you but I've other cream cleansers which suits my personal preference with aroma. If you love rich cream cleansers then I'm more than happy to recommend this one. The skincare collection includes the Reviving Cleansing Cream as well as Radiance-Boosting Face Cream and Dazzling Tonic.

Sarah x