Review Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk and After Sun Cream

review Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk and After Sun Cream
(Gifted PR)

It's important to use SPF when enjoying the sunshine whether you are at the beach, in your garden or on a walk. I often mention Organii products because I repeat purchase and think they offer good value for money. The liquid soaps and shower gels are essentials in my household but did you know they also have a range of suncreams? This includes SPF 20 Sun Milk, SPF 30 Sun Cream, SPF 15 Facial Sun Cream, SPF 50 Sun Milk and After Sun Cream.

Organii kindly sent me SPF 50 Sun Milk and After Sun Cream just in time for the glorious sunshine we had Easter weekend. Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk protects against UVA & UVB with a formulation containing Non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. The ingredients are skin nourishing and moisturising with extracts of organic Calendula, Mallow Leaf, Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Olive Fruit, Linseed, Rice Bran, Karanja oils to protect while keeping skin soft and supple. Chamomile works as a anti-inflammatory and Vitamin E defends the skin against radicals.

Organii SPF 50 Sun Milk and After Sun Cream are both fragrance free (no essential oil allergens). SPF 50 is going to be the one you'll use on the whole family (babies, children and adults) as it's suitable for delicate skin. Sun Milk does imply a fluid consistency which I would agree with and this was a pleasant surprised because from personal experience natural sun cream can often be thick and gloppy. It was my preference to apply SPF 50 Sun Milk on my body because I didn't like the feeling on my face. I am extremely fussy about texture and it wasn't right for me. On my arms and legs I thought it was quite good at not leaving whiteness but felt a little tacky at the end of the day however this is not an uncommon sensation with sun cream. I'm not sure why but I felt this product applied differently on my face and left a whiteness to my skin but I didn't think the same of my legs and arms. I have a medium fair skin tone so this might be something to be mindful of if you have a darker complexion. You may be able to combat this by mixing in some foundation before application.

When it comes to the Organii After Sun Cream it's the perfect follow up product but suitable for daily use for moisturising and soothing your skin. It's formulated with some lovely ingredients - shea butter, argan oil, aloe vera, calendula and Vitamin E. It's a lovely light lotion, which applies easily but also fragrance free. I struggle to find scent free body creams and after sun so I'm very pleased to be able to recommend this one. It's a very pleasant lotion, ideal for use during warmer weather regardless of whether you've been out in the sun.

Let me know on social media if you have tried Organii suncream and whether you enjoy using these products.

Sarah x