Review Nature's Kitchen Face and Body Milk Smoothie and Berry Beautiful Skin Polish

review Nature's Kitchen Face and Body Milk Smoothie and Berry Beautiful Skin Polish

I'm gravitating towards Nature's Kitchen Skincare at the moment because I have realised many of their products are free from linalool (one of my allergies). It's a brand that takes me back to my teenage years when I used to spend all my money in The Body Shop. I think it has a similar vibes because of it's fruity and chocolate products.

Nature's Kitchen Chocolate & Vanilla Face and Body Milk Smoothie is a new addition to the product range. The fun and novelty factor is sure to win over everyone. Packaging is super cute and recyclable, it also comes with a smoothie recipe. I will say I am always cautious of large glass jars in the bathroom so I am mindful of this as you don't want to drop it. Nature's Kitchen Milk Smoothie is for use in the shower and use it as you would a body wash. It took me a couple of shakes to get the smoothie out of the jar as it's a thick 'milkshake' consistency. The aroma is pleasant and not overpowering with gentle hints of cocoa and vanilla. I found this product was best applied with my hands as it didn't work quite so well with a sponge. The smoothie feels silky smooth and washes off easily.

"Our Chocolate & Vanilla Face & Body Milk Smoothie Wash has been created to indulge your skin and your senses to leave you with super soft, healthy skin, all day long." 

My skin did feel smooth and soft after leaving the shower but sadly that feeling didn't last all day as my dry and flaky skin was noticeable later on. I wasn't expecting any miracles from this product and I honestly chose it for the novelty factor. It's innovative and attractive so I would certainly enjoy gifting but I don't feel its the new 'must have' in my routine. If chocolate & vanilla doesn't appeal to your senses then Strawberry & Cranberry or Banana & Coconut Milk Smoothies are available. Ingredients are vegan so do not be put off by the name 'milk smoothie' if you are allergic to milk (as I am!).

As I mentioned I have flaky skin at the moment so it felt like a good opportunity to try Nature's Kitchen Berry Beautiful Skin Polish. Exfoliators are not part of my daily skincare routine as my skin is often too sensitive but I usually find a use for them when the season changes from winter to spring. This scrub uses natural bamboo cane and red berry fruit seeds plus extracts of red grapes, cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, cranberry, acai and goji berries to gently buff skin. It's a fluid consistency with very small granules. As someone with sensitive skin this is a gentle exfoliator because it isn't overloaded with scrubbing particles but I think it might disappoint some and could do with a little more 'scrubby' action. Overall it's a pleasant product to use and doesn't scratch the skin to leave it red raw or irritated.

I've had great fun exploring more products from Nature's Kitchen and it's lovely to have skincare which brings a little cheer to your bath time routine. I recommend exploring the range for yourself. If you didn't catch my last review then click this link - Alteya Liquid Soap, Benecos Lip Balm, Organii Shower Gel, Nature's Kitchen Moisturiser

Sarah x


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