Review Typology - Paris based skincare brand

Typology Paris based natural skincare brand
(gifted/press samples)

In between the junk mail there is the occasional gem that peaks my interest and Typology did exactly that. Products ticked all the right boxes for me - vegan, cruelty free, minimalist formulations, ethical and fragrance free (with exception of Eaux de Parfums). This is a genderless brand which is 100% online model and created by Ning Li, Founder of Typology designs and produces concentrated, natural products in France that are active, effective and sustainable. Many of the products are designed to mix and match to allow you to create tailored formulations.
Typology solid soothing cleansing bar
I honestly think my heart skipped a beat when I realised this is a range free from essential oils. Any long time followers will be aware of my issues with linalool (allergen present in some essential oils). When I accepted the offer to receive products I wasn't expecting so many to turn up and I'm very grateful to be able to explore the range in such depth. It certainly makes for easy reviews as there is so much to cover so I will start with the products that I would naturally gravitate towards.

7 Ingredient Makeup Removing Oil - I adore using a cleansing oil and naturally opt for ones with minimalist formulations as I don't require a long ingredient list. Typology has created a good product here which is light and easily removed without leaving greasy residue. It's a winner for me and I honestly can't fault it.

Dry Skin Serum (100% Squalane) - Before anyone panics this squalane is derived from olives. I've never use squalane as a stand alone ingredient so I was keen to see how my skin would react. It sits on my skin for some time which is interesting but feels nice and hydrating. At first I didn't feel there was much "wow" factor to this ingredient but it has grown on me with time. I think this is an ingredient which would do well in combination with products and it is suggested to follow up with your daily cream or oil.
Typology Dry Skin Serum and Hydrating Serum
Hydrating Serum (3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5) - As name suggestions this serum could be ideal for those who experience dry skin. Hyaluronic acid has been a buzz word in skincare for quite some time. The B5 in this serum stands for Pro Vitamin B5 (aka Panthenol) like hyaluronic acid it helps retain moisture and softness. I have to be truthful and say that hyaluronic acid as a stand alone ingredient does very little for my skin and I would argue it can have a drying effect. For me, the mix and match concept of Typology comes into play with a product like this one. 

10 Ingredient Hand Balm - at the moment we are all battling with dry skin and a decent hand cream is a must have item. Despite the name, this is a cream formulation which feels silky on the skin without greasiness. It sinks in beautifully and feels lovely. The packaging is stylish and practical. The formulation is simple with hydrating ingredients including Hyaluronic acid. I quickly became a fan of this one and again one that I can't fault at this time.

Sweet Almond Oil - Typology have a full range of single ingredient oils which can be applied daily to the face, body or hair. Almond has always been a personal favourite and I can understand why it was sent to me. Almond oil nourishes and protects which is exactly what I need when dealing with my sensitive skin. I will use this to cleanse and moisturise (body & face).

Roman Chamomile Hydrolate - as with the oils there are several hydrolates to choose from according to your skin type and needs. Chamomile is known for soothing sensitive skin and would be one I would select for myself. I use this as a toner step in my routine, it will remove traces of cleanser whilst calming the skin.
Typology Eaux de Parfums
I can't really find a reason to fault Typology. The packaging is recyclable (more info available on their website) and you can't deny it looks super stylish in your bathroom which is an added bonus. As someone with sensitive skin it's lovely to be able to select products to my individual needs and Typology would easily slot into an established skincare routine. I also believe the price point will appeal to most people. I will always celebrate brands with fragrance free products. Essential oils can be wonderful and uplifting ingredients but some people do not understand they are potent and contain allergens. If you ever feel your skin is fragile and sensitive then it could be worthwhile leaving out fragrances be it artificial or plant based. There are so many products in the range that I highly recommend exploring the Typology website for yourself.

Sarah x


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