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BAO Skincare Natural Organic Vegan
(Gifted PR Samples)

At the heart of BAO Skincare is its founder Beth who created her organic and vegan products to managed sensitive skin. I think it would be fair to say it's a familiar back story as to why Beth started creating her products. Many of us turn to a holistic and natural lifestyle when experiencing skin issues or ill health. BAO skincare is handmade in Dorset and formulated without the synthetic ingredients that many of us choose to avoid. When using preservatives BAO states they will be free from palm oil. Products such as balms, salts and scrubs are formulated without water and do not require the same preservation systems. You can also be assured that products are certified by COSMOS Soil Association and The Vegan Society. I was kindly sent a couple of products from BAO's skincare range so let me talk you through my thoughts. For my readers with sensitivities please note these products contain nut oils and essential oil fragrance allergens.

Brightening Hand Cream (with sweet orange & geranium) - a light texture cream infused with the scents of orange, geranium and may chang. The formulation includes moisturising oils of avocado, macadamia, apricot, shea butter and sweet almond. The glass bottle with pump not only looks stylish but it's practical and recyclable. BAO hand cream doesn't feel sticky or greasy yet it hydrates the skin with lasting performance. You can pair this with Brightening Hand Wash for a complete hand care routine. Overall it's a lovely hand cream which I am sure many people would enjoy using.

Luminosity Body Scrub (with coconut & grapefruit) - I don't naturally gravitate towards scrubs but I can experience flaky skin with seasonal changes so I need to tackle that a couple of times throughout the year. I think the recyclable aluminium pouch is not only creative but practical, it's resealable and safer than glass jars. The scrub isn't swimming in oil and drier than others I have tried. This isn't a criticism as I prefer this type of formulation, some body scrubs are impractical and leave you with a dangerous slippery bath/shower. The scrubbing action comes from cane sugar but also includes green clay, almond oil, apricot kernel, coconut and cocoa butter to help moisturise the skin. It has a delicate scent from grapefruit, may chang and red mandarin. I found the scrub comfortable to use and it didn't leave my skin red raw but was suitably rough to be effective in removing visible flaky skin. That being said I would always advise caution when using scrubs as they disrupt the skin barrier.

I've enjoyed using the Brightening Hand Cream and Luminosity Body Scrub and appreciate the consideration that has gone into the naturally derived formulations. From my own experiences I am happy to recommend BAO Skincare and would suggest you visit their website to explore the full product range.

Sarah x


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