Review Saalt Reusable Menstrual Cup

Saalt reusable menstrual cup
(gifted PR)

I won't insist everyone should be using a menstrual cup because some people can find them difficult to use and there should be no shame in feeling this way. I have struggled for years and have previously written an honest experience of using my period cup. Even after two years I've not fully converted to using it every month. If you are undecided about using cups it may be of interest to understand some of the benefits. I'm not an expert but I've gathered some notes through researching based on my own curiosities.

- Reusable, environmentally friendly and can last 10 years before needing to replace
- They don't dry the vagina like tampons as a menstrual cup collects your flow rather than absorb
- When used correctly you should not experience leaks
- Cups are made from medical grade silicone so unlike pads and tampons there are no concerns for chemical such as bleach and dioxin
- Many people claim a reduction in cramping when using a cup although there are no clinical studies to support this
- Cups eliminate odor often associated to menstrual fluid when exposed to air.
- More research may be required but cups are safe to use, a handful of TSS cases have been linked but there may have been other contributing factors to these infections
- Reusable products may benefit people who experience period poverty

I was recently gifted a Saalt menstrual cup who have recently launched into the UK. It's available in two sizes with two firmness options. Each cup lasts for 10 years, providing a sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. Saalt is a certified B Corporation which means they commit 2% of revenue to donate period care to regions with the most need, and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability.

I think one of the first hurdles is choosing the correct cup size as each brand has different options. Saalt has a handy size guide which I found informative in comparison to others. I chose 'Regular Soft' and with hindsight I think small would have been the better option. When placed side by side the Regular Saalt menstrual cup is much larger than the one I have been using for past two years. The cup softness provides flexibility something I am used to as it feels identical my other cup. I want to be honest in my reviews and the regular size isn't comfortable so I was unable to put it to full use.

It is not my intention to discourage anyone from giving period cups a try because they can make a difference to period wellbeing. The reduction in plastic waste and monthly costs is beneficial in the long term. You will often see the claim that period cups can be worn for up to 12 hour. Speaking as someone who experiences heavy periods, I have never been able to substantiate the claim. I do need to empty my cup during the day. However I am able to achieve a longer wear time compared to tampons so there is some benefit. Personally I don't like to wear it overnight but it OK to use a menstrual cup whilst sleeping. There can be issues associated to wearing pads and tampons for more than 8 hours.

I would be happy to recommend Saalt period cups and suggest that you visit their website for further information -

Sarah x