Review Eden Days Sensitive Soul Whipped Body Butter

review eden days sensitive soul whipped body butter
(Gifted PR sample)

There is nothing I love more than simple, honest, natural skincare and I feel Eden Days ticks this box. Eden Days is run by a mother and daughter team who are passionate about skincare that is ethical, vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. Products are handmade, packaging is recyclable, ingredients are ethically source, biodegradable and palm oil free. The range of products varies from body butters, soaps, face care, hair care and pets.

I was introduced to Eden Days Sensitive Soul Whipped Body Butter from the Free From Skincare Awards. This body butter is targeted towards people who experience sensitive skin and may be prone to eczema and psoriasis. It's formulated with cocoa, coconut and shea butter but the key standout is Redbush. This herb is known for high contents of iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamins a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) and antioxidant. When topically applied I'm sure that can only be a great for our skin. As expected this body butter is rich and luxurious, fragile to heat but creates a gorgeous oil when applied to the warmth of your skin. Body butters are intensive emollients which easily hydrate dry skin with lasting effect. Unlike lotions or creams, body butters are formulated without water so are concentrated formulations that also don't require preservatives. I adore the scent of cocoa butter and coconut oil so for me this is a heavenly natural fragrance. 

A quick review but I am more than happy to recommend Eden Days Sensitive Soul Whipped Body Butter. It honestly feels wonderful on my skin and improves dry patches. I love to apply on my legs after shaving, it adds a silky texture whilst combating dryness which I am prone to. If you'd like to explore the range of products available then please visit the website - Eden Days

Sarah x