Review Nourish London Kale Anti Ageing Eye Cream

Review Nourish London Kale Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
(Gifted PR sample)

It has been a while since I featured products from Nourish London. In fact you'll have to dig around in the archives to circa 2012/2013 when I reviewed products from the Relax collection. The branding has been updated over the years but the range still exists. I had a huge love for lavender back in the day but sadly that came to a end when I was diagnosed with a sensitivity to linalool. Eye creams are often formulated without essential oils. I imagine the reason for this may be due to the sensitive and delicate nature of this part of the face. 

Nourish London Kale Anti Ageing Eye Cream is formulated with plant extracts but it's the Kale extract which is the key ingredient that is highlighted. It's a vitamin rich component combined with Maqui Berry and Pomegranate enzymes to help counter puffiness and dark circles. Amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The packaging for this Nourish eye cream is sleek and practical. A pump dispenser helps eradicate the fear of germs often associated with dipping fingers in jars and exposing creams to air. Of course you should always apply products with clean hands. This is a light cream which absorbs quickly without greasiness. It has a gentle cooling sensation and a pleasant aroma. I am in my 40s but I have never been overly concerned about dark circles and wrinkles. I find it hard to judge long term performance however my eyes look more awake when applied in the mornings. I have since passed it onto my Mum who took a keen interest in this product. 

I know sometimes gifted reviews are taken with a pinch of salt but Nourish London Kale anti-ageing eye cream comes highly recommended by others. It has been recognised in several awards, most recently Highly Commended as Best Anti-Ageing Range by Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2019

All Nourish London products are organic, certified vegan, alcohol free and cruelty free. The outer boxes are made with cardboard certified by FSC who promote ethical management of forests and can be recycled. For further information on Nourish London Kale Anti Ageing Eye Cream or any other product in the Kale collection, please visit Nourish London Skincare.

Sarah x

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