Review Eco Dreams Cloth Pads for Periods

Eco Dreams Cloth Pads
(gifted from Eco Dreams)

I've openly discussed my experience with eco friendly and reusable period periods and my love hate relationship with them. Many people are fans of period cups but I aren't for everyone so I think it's important to be mindful that alternative options including cloth pads. We've been conditioned to believe periods are disgusting and I think those feelings are often projected onto reusable products. The thought of rinsing and washing pads seems impractical or unsightly but periods are a natural bodily function and we shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed.

I took up an offer to try Eco Dreams cloth pads made from eco-friendly textiles and ethically manufactured in the UK. The range includes pantyliners, day pads, heavy flow pads and overnight pads in colourful prints. I have heavy periods and received a Day Pad Plus (flowers on white) and a Night Pad (green meadow). Eco Dreams make their pads from a blend of fabrics - cotton, polyurethane, polyester, bamboo viscose and the snaps are Oekotex certified. If you experience sensitive skin and irritation unlike disposables, cloth pads are free from perfumes and materials that may cause contact dermatitis.

I've put my Eco Dreams cloth pads to the test through two periods. The pads are well made with neat stitching and noticeable softness. They have gone through the washing machine several times and have held up well. My initial thoughts were how comfortable the Day Plus pad felt and you of course loose that noticeable 'crinkle like a crisp packet' sound that is common with disposables (IMO Always is the worst for this!). The pads have wings that clasp shut with a popper but you do need to wear a snug pair of undies to provide a good fit. Sadly, I have experienced leakage whilst wearing the pads. I'm unsure whether to put that down to heavy flow or movement of the pad in my underwear. Leaks are part of the course with my periods and it doesn't matter what I'm using it happens from time to time. I appreciate the black lining hides staining but I felt a little uneasy because I wasn't able to judge my flow and when to change the pad. It probably takes a bit of practice.

When I felt it was time to change my Eco Dreams Day Plus pad, I simply rinsed it under the cold tap and hung to dry (next to a radiator). I added them to the washing machine when I had a full load of laundry. This was very straight forward and I didn't find it a hassle. As someone who experiences leaks you get comfortable with rinsing out blood from clothing but it isn't something you would do in a public bathroom. That's when a wet bag would be handy and these can be purchase from Eco Dreams then you can deal with rinsing out your pads when you are at home.

I think the downside to cloth pads is the initial outlay. It's expensive upfront but keep in mind the long term value, Eco Dreams suggest they pay for themselves in a few months. I've recently been through unemployment and at these time reusables are the last thing on my mind so I appreciate it's not for everyone financially. I see them as a privilege in many ways. I'm not entirely converted to reusable period products but I use them where I can. I do still buy mainstream disposable brands from my supermarket. I prefer a mix of options as I've never found my perfect product. I like to think that reducing some plastic products is better than doing nothing at all. 

If you are curious about cloth pads, please visit Eco Dreams website for more information. Perhaps start off with one pad and see how you get on, you can then always purchase more in the future.

Sarah x