Review Faith in Nature Grapefruit and Orange Hand Wash

faith in nature grapefruit and orange hand wash
(I purchased this product)

I've used products from in Nature for many years and they have featured on my blog a handful of times. In fact let me be nerdy and tell you their Chocolate Body Wash was the fourteenth post I ever wrote. Sadly that has since been disappeared off their site but I wanted to give a shout out to Faith in Nature Grapefruit & Orange hand wash. It was one of many soaps I purchased during lockdown.
"When you plant a tree, you commit to a long term vision of how beautiful that tree could be in decades to come. Sometimes even centuries. Starting Faith In Nature back in 1974 was a bit like that. It was a vision of what could be possible one day. A belief that the best companies could be ethical. That natural could be affordable. That doing right by the planet and its people was not only a choice, but our duty. Change doesn't always come quickly. But that's exactly why Faith matters so much."

I'm only a few years younger than this brand but it's great to see Faith in Nature has stood the test of time. I've seen it go through many changes over the years from branding to product range but you can rely on their quality and affordability. Currently the range includes hair care, body washes, soaps and hand washes and refill options.

Faith in Nature does have fragrance free options but I went for Grapefruit and Orange as it doesn't contain linalool (Citral and Limonene are present on the label). I love a citrus scent so it was a winner straight away. It doesn't feel drying on skin and foams up well making it easy to use. I'm not a fan of the bottle cap as you need to pour onto hands but that is easily resolved by decanting into a soap dispenser.

Faith in Nature is an affordable product to have in the home and suitable for all the family. You can purchase directly from their website but you'll also see them on the shelves of independent retailers, Holland & Barrett, Boots and Sainsbury's.

Sarah x