Review Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm (Fragrance Free)

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Review Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm - Fragrance Free

UPDATE SEPT 2021 - rebranded to Creature of Habit Skincare

Minimalist Skincare is a newly launched venture by formulator and owner, Jaina. As the name suggests this is a brand taking products back to basics. There is no doubt that these are sophisticated formulations but the ethos is about minimising ingredients. Jaina experienced acne and similar to my own eczema story she identified that sometimes less is more with skincare. I'm a firm believer that often people are overloading their skin with complex routines and ingredients which can lead to issues.

I was fortunate to trial Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm at formulation stages and I'm very excited to now be using the finished product. This is a soft, golden, buttery balm cleanser and with water it emulsifies to a milky consistency. The ingredients include safflower, shea butter, sunflower, castor oil, sweet almond, squalane, rosehip and bisabolol. This is a cleansing balm designed to offer soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. It does not contain perfumes or essential oils making it ideal for all skin types and particularly appeals to those with sensitivity.

It's a luxurious experience to massage Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm into skin. I'm already a fan of oil to milk cleansers as they suit my skin type and are easy to remove. You can rinse or use a damp cloth. If you ever find balms and oils too heavy and dislike any residue left behind you won't experience that sensation with this cleansing balm. After using this cleanser my skin has never felt overly dry or parched of moisture and it does well to keep a balance which is often tricky when eczema prone. With long term use my skin feels soft and looks bright and happy.

I'm super happy with Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm, it's an excellent product for my dry and sensitive skin. At the moment it's the only item available from Minimalist Skincare so I can't wait to see the next product launch. For more information or to purchase this cleanser, please visit their website.

Sarah x


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