Gwyneth Paltrow and that Vogue video

Gwyneth Paltrow and that Vogue video
We've all seen the now infamous video of Gwyneth Paltrow and her skincare routine. I do not support the message she gave in regards to SPF application. It is potentially dangerous and irresponsible but with the backlash came other criticisms which I wanted to address. I personally don't like the words non-toxic, no nasties and clean beauty as I agree they are truly problematic within the Green Beauty Community however I am a supporter of Free From and that isn't changing any time soon. I choose to avoid certain ingredients but that doesn't mean I'm here to 'scaremonger' my readers.

I chose the Green Beauty path because I believe it has many great qualities. It's against animal cruelty, it often supports veganism and it helps promote greater understanding for our environment. I think more of us are concerned about the ingredients that wash down the drain into our oceans. We want to rid ourselves of unnecessary plastic bottles and to recycle or repurpose our beauty waste.

I believe in products 'free from' certain ingredients because I experience eczema and allergies. I want to do the best for my skin after years of suffering. Of crying myself to sleep and feeling ugly in my skin. I'm allergic to both synthetic and natural ingredients because life isn't simple but mainstream products are of no interest to me. I want natural plant extracts without synthetic fillers as more often than not the latter causes irritation.

There are no good or bad ingredients but for someone with sensitivities sadly we can experience side effects which lead us to class something as 'bad'. You can not ignore the fact that we have seen a rise in dermatitis and its root cause is open to further investigation. All I know is I don't want paraffin emollient and steroids in my life. Topical Steroid Withdrawal is a problem which isn't always acknowledged in the medical community. Call it anecdotal or coincidental but I'm seeing changes in my skin when I move away from mainstream product formulations.

I acknowledge that Gwyneth Paltrow, EWG and elements of the 'clean beauty' movement are problematic but I won't walk away from Green Beauty as I believe it has its place. I want to try and do my part to help save our planet from the devastation we have impacted on it as humans. The Green Beauty community may need to overhaul its message with brands needing to re-evaluate their marketing pitch. Behind the scenes I have encouraged some to drop certain words and ditch the "60% goes into our bloodstream" message but I'm just one voice in a sea of many stronger influencers.

Our lives are overwhelmed with beauty products and we have to decide what makes us happy and this is my chosen path. You may disagree with me and I'm OK with that but I hope we can all agree to take care in the sun. Whether you use physical/mineral or chemical SPF protection make sure to apply liberally and use the recommended amount for your face and body.

Sarah x