Review Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil Fragrance Free

Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil Fragrance Free
(Unpaid Gifted)

My latest obsession is testing hair oils. I've always used these types of products but in the past struggled to find fragrance free. During lockdown I've been doing everything I can to compensate for the lack of regular hair cuts. My now shoulder length hair is starting to become a frizz mess and hair oils can help to tame dry ends.

In October I reviewed By Sarah London Organic Hair Oil. Later on in the year I picked up Epic Blend Hair Oil Unscented which sadly is no longer available and most recently I selected the newly launched Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil Fragrance Free (a fragrance version is also available).

Bowe Organics' founder, Diane Bowe is a freelance hairdresser who came across organic beauty when she started using organic colours and products for hairdressing. After further research fuelled by a passion for botanical ingredients she created her luxury artisan brand.

I love the fact that Diane has given customers the option to buy a fragrance and fragrance free versions of this hair oil. For me, this makes the product feel more inclusive to those who choose or need to avoid essential oils.

Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil (fragrance free) is formulated with safflower oil, baobab, argan oil, jojoba, rosehip, vitamin E and sunflower oil. As the name suggests this is a versatile product, you can apply a few drops to wet and dry hair or use as a pre-shampoo treatment. I've always favoured using hair oils on wet hair before styling. I have fine hair and I think this method helps avoid greasiness.

I'm enjoying using Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil. I trust that my hair is benefiting from this additional treatment. I feel as if can tame the frizz and hydrate dry ends. If you'd like to try this product for yourself, then you may wish to buy direct from Bowe Organics.

Sarah x