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Review Grüum SPF50 5* UVA Dermatologist Face Sunscreen

Grüum SPF50 5* UVA Dermatologist Face Sunscreen
(I purchased this item)

I was window shopping for a facial SPF and a well timed instagram advert from Grüum had me placing an order. Grüum sunscreen appealed to me for several reasons. It's fragrance free, vegan, cruelty free, affordable, with high UVA and UVB protection.

We built grüum on three core principles: Simplicity, Honesty and Fairness. We’re committed to creating clean skincare products that are kind to you, your skin, and our planet.

Yes, I too am here for the dinky cute bottle, it's a standard 50ml and you'll probably get through it quickly if applying every day. According to the FAQs it is a plastic bottle made from either HDPE or LDPE (caps from PP) these are recycled plastics but it is going to depend on whether your local council accepts it. I know that this will be a deal breaker for some readers.

Grüum SPF is lightweight and feels like a standard lotion. I have a pale skin tone and so I don't notice a white cast. In that respect it's much better than other mineral sun creams I've tried over the years. I think it's possible that it could also suit a deeper complexion and suggest it's worth trying out. I'm happy to apply my tinted CC cream over the top without any noticeable issue so I'll say this works well under makeup.

I've not experienced any breakouts or irritation and I'm happy to keep using Grüum facial sunscreen for the foreseeable. Obviously with the weather being shit at the moment and no overseas summer holidays on the horizon, I can't say how it holds up on a very sunny day. For day to day activities at home I'm happy with how it feels on my skin.

I recommend checking out the Gruum website - www.gruum.com for more information and to browse their other products.

Sarah x