Review A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo and Calming Hand Cream

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Review A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo and Calming Hand Cream
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A'kin and I go way back. I've mentioned many times before how they were one of the first brands I discovered on my 'green' beauty journey. Last year I decided to revisit their products starting with the A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner. I've since repurchase and sized up to the 500ml bottle as I enjoy using it. After much deliberation I decided to buy the A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo. This was a huge deal for me as I've been loyal to Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo for around eight years and never switched in that time.

I remember in those early years I never rated the A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo because I wasn't used to low foaming haircare and hadn't purged my hair of mainstream products. Now I have experience behind me and this A'kin shampoo performs better than I remembered. I can achieve a nice lather, my hair feels clean and I can do this without scalp irritation associated with fragrance. My hair does feel a little dry in the washing stages so I always follow up with conditioner (the same goes for Odylique). Now that I've experienced this A'kin shampoo again I'm confident to recommend to readers. At this time, the 500ml bottle does work out a little cheaper in comparison to Odylique.

Changing the subject over to hand creams, I don't know about you but the pandemic has been rough on my skin. I've had lots of issues with extremely dry hands and eczema. It's possible I've used A'kin Calming Hand Cream in the past but I couldn't quite remember. The fragrance free formulation contains jojoba and shea butter which offer soothing and hydrating properties. The texture of the cream feels non-greasy, nourishing and my skin absorbs the cream leaving me quickly free to go about daily tasks. I've got a couple of hand creams on the go at the moment but A'kin Calming Hand Cream does feel as if it's having an impact on maintaining the on going battle against dryness. The important part is to be consistent with using hand creams, reapply regularly and the effects on skin should become noticeable.

A'kin products are available to purchase through their website but you'll also find stockists online. All products are vegan and cruelty free. Alongside their fragrance free range you can find scented alternatives.

Sarah x


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