Reviews - Gallinée Prebiotic Perfume Free Cleansing Bar, Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter and Organically Epic Conscious Cotton Buds

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Gallinée Prebiotic Perfume Free Cleansing Bar

Back in March, I reviewed the Silvan Skincare Pure Face Cream and it quickly become a firm favourite in my skincare routine. As that product comes to an end it reminded me that I hadn't featured the other items included in my February delivery from Love Lula.

Gallinée Prebiotic Perfume Free Cleansing Bar - an interesting brand because products contain prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to support the good bacteria on your skin. I'm a bit sceptical about the use of these ingredients in skincare as I have questions about the effectiveness in products without stable packaging. Apparently the original scented Cleansing Bar is a best seller and now Gallinée have followed up with a fragrance free version. At first I thought this bar was intended for facial cleansing but the formula is gynaecologist tested and can be used over the body. 

Gallinée are very keen to inform customers that their cleansing bar is not a soap. You may be wondering what makes soap, soap free! It's all in the ingredients. Soap is formulated with natural oils or fats, sodium hydroxide (or other strong alkaline solutions) and surfactants. A 'soap-free' cleanser doesn't contain these ingredients.

This cleansing bar looks, feels and lathers like soap. It promises to be gentle and non-stripping on the skin. I'm going to be honest and say I'm struggling with this product. I'm sitting on the fence with my opinions in that I don't hate it but it hasn't got the 'wow' factor. For me, it may be better as a body cleaner but I lost interest in using it.
Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter
Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter (Frangipani) - first up this one smells delightful because I find it hard to dislike the scent of Frangipani. The tropical vacation vibes are what we all need right now. Lamazuna's ethos is zero waste which I am sure will appeal to many people. 

I'll be honest and say I have struggled with the concept of a solid moisturiser. Some people like their skincare waterless however I think my dry and eczema prone skin is better suited to creams and lotions. I've ended up using this solid cocoa butter to scent my skin rather than provide long lasting moisturisation. I simply don't feel as if I can get the traction and moisture that my skin craves. If you have an uncomplicated skin type and you crave plastic free skincare, then give Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter a try, you never know you may end up loving it.
Organically Epic Conscious Cotton Buds
Organically Epic Conscious Cotton Buds - there is nothing thrilling about cotton buds but I do like to use them for various beauty tasks. These buds are made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, they are compostable and recyclable. I do limit my usage but I'm also conscious about not contributing to plastic waste. These cotton buds are an easy product to recommend as there isn't anything to dislike about them.

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