Father's Day Gift Ideas - Sunday 20 June 2021

United Kingdom

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2021
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I always struggle for Father's Day gifts so whilst searching the internet for my own ideas I've collated a little collection of presents. I hope you find this helpful.

Peace with the Wild - this site has a lovely collection of gift sets, they have everything covered  from sweet treats, gardening, skincare and more. I am sure you would find something for most budgets.

Sea Change Wine - this company keeps popping up on my Instagram so I'll give them a mention. Their message "We want to combine our love of great wine with our desire to do something to help protect our oceans." seems admirable and appealing.

Soap Daze - if you are looking for a zero waste option then what about a classic soap on a rope? lovely to see a modern twist on this old classic. Soap Daze also have gift set options.

Thought Clothing - ethical clothing is always an option from t-shirts, trousers to sock and undies. I particularly like their smaller gift sets including one containing a reusable PLA coffee cup and two pairs of bamboo organic cotton blend socks.

Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate - you'll be able to pick this one up at the supermarket or online. If you visit their website there is a feature to create your own wrapper which is something a little different. The Dark Almond Sea Salt and Extra Dark Chocolate 70% are suitable for vegans.

Wave Phone Cases - back in January I reviewed the Wave case I had purchased. It's still on my phone, holding up well and I like it so I can't think of any reason not to recommend as a gift.

Sarah x


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