Reviews - Bloomtown, Butterwhips and Grüum

Bloomtown, Butterwhips and Grüum

Here we are again with a round up of products I've been testing from Love Lula. An important note for readers with allergy prone sensitive skin, these products are fragrance free and do not contain essential oil allergens.

Bloomtown The Spring Sweet Almond & Shea Sugar Scrub - I know this brand having sampled their products on the judges table for the Free From Skincare Awards. Over the years I have stayed away from exfoliating because my delicate skin can't handle it and it can be damaging. Saying that the one place that gets a yearly scrub is my feet as my tough trotters can handle the course sugar grains which I can't tolerate anywhere else on my body. I'm really bad at looking after my feet. I'm guessing most of us have had that moment of panic when the sun starts shining, the flip flops came out and the horror of cracked heels are unveiled to the world. Bloomtown sugar scrub is course and gritty but with the right amount of oil to give moisturisation and not a trip to A&E (slippery bath tubs are not what we want). Spring is the unscented version but there are five fragrant options in the sugar scrub collection. It comes in two sizes, I have the smaller 60ml jar which gives the perfect amount to road test before investing further. Overall a good product but I'd use sparingly as over exfoliating skin can cause issues.

Butterwhips Perfectly Pure Apricot Whipped Butter - If you enjoy using shea butter for hydrating your skin then I am sure this brand will appeal to you. Rich and luxurious which works well for dry skin. I have been using this butter on my legs which leaves them feeling silky smooth and lasts the day. I'd sum up Butterwhips as simple recyclable packaging with honest and straight forward ingredient formulation. Fragranced versions are available.

Grüum Pür Gentle Moisturiser - having previously shopped directly with Gruum to purchase their facial sunscreen. I'd refer to Grüum as affordable, uncomplicated, genderless and no gimmicks. The gentle moisturiser isn't promising to deliver any miracles but it will hydrate as expected. It's a lightweight lotion which works well on my mature, naturally dry skin. I will say that my skin generally glows in the summer months so it's easier to look after in comparison to the dryness of winter. The only criticism I have is with the packaging. The compact size is great to reduce waste but I struggle to squeeze product from the bottle. I have to shake hard, hold upside down and nudge the cream out. 

Sarah x