Review Adaptology Red Avert Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Review Adaptology Red Avert Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Any long time readers will know I'm a fan of Evolve Beauty and its founder, Laura Rudoe was a speaker at an event I co-organised back in 2016. Under the parent company, Laura also had the brand S5 Skincare but that has been discontinued and replaced by Adaptology.

"Adaptology is a targeted range of adaptogenic skincare solutions that help you adapt your skins biology to the challenges of modern living. These adaptogenic ingredients derive from extremophile plants that thrive and have evolved in the extremes of nature, such as deserts, oceans, rainforests, arctic and high altitudes." - extract from website

I was excited to receive the Adaptology Red Avert Cleanser which is aimed at sensitive skin. It's been developed to boost the skin barrier. The formulation includes the botanical ingredients of Laminaria to reduce redness, Blue Tansy to calm and Nigella Oil to protect and nourish. Blue Tansy is in the same family as Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. It's this ingredient that gives this cleanser the delightful colour. I found it fascinating to discover that the Blue Tansy flower is yellow and the indigo blue colour occurs during the distillation process due to a chemical compound called chamazulene.

The Red Avert Cleanser is a gel-balm texture which transforms to oil when massaged into skin. It feels wonderfully silky smooth and is a real pleasure to cleanse with. When you'd like to remove the cleanser you simply apply water and it will transform into a milk which is easily washed away (or remove with a cloth). It honestly feels as if the delicate balance of my skin is maintained as it never strips my skin of moisture. I'm very pleased with how soft and happy my face is looking at the moment whilst using this product. It really comes as no surprise as it's the quality I'd expect from a brand founded by Laura. If you'd like to see a demonstration of the Red Avert cleanser there is a reel on my IG account.

When it comes to packaging I know it's a hot topic of conversation. Full details can be found online for you to check out. Adaptology uses Miron Glass which is recyclable however you will need to remove the labels before dropping into the recycling bin.

My overall verdict is I honestly can't find fault. Adaptology has sophisticated formulas that would rival any premium high street brand. I can see from the ingredients list that there is a great deal of science and research going into these products. I recommend visiting the Adaptology website for more information as you can shop according to your skin concerns - Time Warp (anti-ageing), Red Advert (hyper sensitive), Dry Spell (dryness) and All Sorts (boosting).

Sarah x