Review Balmonds Omega Rich Cleansing Oil and Intensive Hand Cream

Review Balmonds Omega Rich Cleansing Oil and Intensive Hand Cream

Many products formulated for eczema prone skin have a familiar background story. Someone formulates a product because everything else has failed to treat their dry and itchy skin condition. Often people have noticed undesirable ingredients in their prescription products and their focus becomes natural alternatives. It’s a similar story for the Skin Salvation range which was created by Natalie for her daughter’s skin conditions.

I’ve known Balmonds for a while, in fact going as far back as when they were called Purepotions. I often recommend their products to people based from my experience using the Skin Salvation Balm. I hadn’t realised how much their range has expanded over the years and whilst the ointment isn’t vegan friendly (contains beeswax) a number of other products are suitable. I was kindly offered the chance to try some products and chose the Omega Rich Cleansing Oil and Intensive Hand Cream (both suitable for Vegans).

Omega Rich Cleansing Oil - this oil is fragrance free and with a simple but effective formulation of sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, rosehip and calendula. I love cleansing oils so it no surprise that I am enjoying this one. The ingredients are perfect for my sensitive skin, it feels rich and luxurious but once removed I’m not left with any greasy residue. I think anyone can use this cleansing oil but I certainly see the benefits for those prone to eczema. You can remove makeup and daily grime without harming the sensitive balance that comes with dry skin.

Intensive Hand Cream - I’ve mentioned a million times how awful my skin is in cold weather. I’m a summer baby and can’t wait for the sunshine to sort out all my skin aliments. Hand cream is an essential when I'm face with eczema breakouts and visibly dry skin which started to bleed from cracking. This hand cream been has been amazing from the first use. As you might expect it is super rich and nourishing with shea butter, seabuckthorn and hemp seed oil. A little goes a long way and my skin drinks it up. It can feel heavy at first but will disappear. Even when I wash my hands I still feel protected and there is no need to immediately re-apply.

I’m very impressed with both products and the hand cream has been a life saver. For reference, if you are vegan the following Balmonds products are also suitable for you - 

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Sarah x