Review Lily & Rabbit Coconut and Salted Coconut Soaps

Review Lily & Rabbit Coconut and Salted Coconut Soaps

Truth is I haven't always been a fan of solid soap bars. Of course bars are a great way to help reduce plastic waste but they can be a bit messy on the bathroom sink. I finally over came this annoyance by investing in soap dishes with an integrated rack. It makes such a difference on containing drips and gives longevity to the soap as it can dry out been uses. It also pays to invest in a quality soap as from experience I have found many differences between brands.

Talking of quality, you may recall last year I wrote about Lily & Rabbit soaps. Goat milk is a core ingredient in their products but I'm excited to announce the launch of their Vegan range. The key ingredients in the new soaps are coconut oil and coconut milk.
Review Lily & Rabbit Coconut and Salted Coconut Soaps
The current vegan range consists of Coconut (unscented), Lemon Coconut Smoothie, Lime & Coconut and Coconut Ice plus their Salted soap counterparts. Lily & Rabbit Salted soaps have a swirl of Himalayan Pink Salt. Soap makers include salt for the benefits of exfoliation and acne prone skin may benefit from minerals naturally found in this ingredient.

As you can see Lily & Rabbit kindly sent me the Coconut and Salted Coconut soaps, both of which are fragrance free. We currently have the Coconut soap on the go in our bathroom for handwashing. It's holding up beautifully with no cracking or sogginess. I find this soap gives a lovely creamy lather and doesn't feel drying on my skin.

If you would like further information about Lily & Rabbit products then I recommend you check out their website -

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