Review Odylique Repair Lotion for irritated, itchy skin on face and body

review Odylique Repair Lotion
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We're living through some difficult times and stress is tough on our skin as well as on mental health. I currently have mild eczema patches on my neck, shoulders and back. It can be very upsetting to know you are never truly free of eczema. Whilst I don't experience the extreme breakouts of my childhood it's forever dormant lurking under my skin.

Long time followers know that I'm a fan of Odylique but I don't think I've ever written down my thoughts on the Repair Lotion. If you experience irritated and itchy skin you'll know that what you desire most is skincare that helps to soothe and calm as quickly as possible.

A time-honoured favourite, originally created by Margaret as a moisturiser for her own and her family’s eczema prone skin, and is now recommended by homeopathic doctors.

Odylique Repair Lotion contains chickweed to ease itching, anti-inflammatory chamomile, soothing calendula, aloe juice and hypericum. The formulation is also free from tree nut oils, wheat, soy and dairy making it suitable for people with common allergies.

Remember that mini heatwave we had? Well I was thankful to have rediscovered Odylique Repair Lotion. I personally find many of the balms and creams marketed for eczema prone skin are too heavy in extreme temperatures. Repair Lotion is different because it's lightweight with a silky texture. Not only does it moisturise but it disappears quickly and doesn't exasperate sweaty skin. It's suitable for use across face and body so no need for additional products. I've had those moments when I've wanted to scratch my skin off but Repair Lotion has honestly been a life saver at soothing my irritated skin. 

It is suggested that Odylique Repair Lotion can be apply to affected areas 3-4 times daily. I have done this but I'll also use liberally across my body even when my skin isn't irritated. I find it particularly nice applied after shaving my legs. To maintain the hydration of very dry skin the recommendation is to follow with frequent applications of Ultra Rich Balm.

Of course everyone is different and there are no guarantees but if you experience irritated or eczema prone and allergic skin then maybe try Odylique Repair Lotion. As with all new skincare products remember to patch test first just in case it doesn't suit you. 

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Sarah x