Reviews Bowe Organics, Green People, Odylique, Organii

Review Bowe Organics, Green People, Odylique, Organii

I thought it might be interesting to provide a re-cap on products previously featured on this blog. In fact some of these have been repeat purchased since initial reviews were written. I am a creature of habit and whilst I enjoy testing out new products you should know that in the background I have firm favourites.

Bowe Organics Versatile Hair Oil Fragrance Free - I reviewed this hair oil back in April and I'm still using it on a weekly basis. Out of all the hair oils I've tried this is the one I gravitate towards. It doesn't feel greasy, it conditions dry ends and fingers crossed over the long term it helps maintain healthy hair. To the eye you may not see a huge change in your hair but to the touch the performance is noticeable. I take comfort in the fact that I feel like it makes a difference to me and that's what counts.

Green People Neutral Scent Free Anti-Ageing 24 Hour Cream - this product featured in 2019 and I've been through several bottles. I've always been a fan of Green People's Scent Free range as it supports people with fragrance allergies, alongside offering affordability and trustworthy results. As much as I love using facial oils, to be honest I often feel that my skin responds better to creams. I'm not a skin expert or scientist but I wonder if water based products help because I am prone to eczema. Whatever the reason I just find the 24 hour cream offers me exactly what I'm looking for. I don't need fancy branding or miracle claims, I just need relief from dryness to get me through the day.

Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser - my original review for this cleanser dates back to 2013. At that time I wasn't reviewing for Love Lula and Odylique was known as Essential Care. Regardless of this back story Creamy Coconut Cleanser has featured multiple times which I hope demonstrates that it has stood the test of time. I've been through many bottles because it's an all-round reliable product. Yes I adore balm and oil cleansers but there are times when I enjoy the simplicity that comes from using cream based products. For me Odylique is a trusted brand and you'll know I'm a fan of several of their products. They understand people with allergies and eczema and I find that hugely comforting in a market saturated with brands.

Organii Shea Butter Shower Gel - this featured in a review back in 2018 and it's now the only shower gel I use. I battled for years finding a decent, affordable body wash which didn't contain linalool but had a pleasant aroma. Organii hit the spot for me and has certainly stood the test of time. It does the job and doesn't irritate my delicate sensitive skin and I can't ask for much more than that.

Sarah x